For every human being, it is their genetics that predetermines their body type, height, hair color, eye color and their facial features. Of course, for men, their penis size is determined by their genetics. Some men are fortunate to be blessed with a big penis; they have been well-endowed since the day they were born and they have no issues with their size.

Unfortunately, those men born with small penises are usually the ones that were laughed at in school, mocked and insulted for their smaller size even though they have no control over it. This can lead to a lack of self-confidence in many areas of their life and in some cases can lead to depression.

Men usually consider their penis to be the basis of their muscularity; this is the reason why their penis size is such a big psychological issue. Having a big penis feels more manly it gives them that feeling of being more masculine and more fertile.

When you are about to embark on a program of penis enlargement there are two measurements you need to consider, which is erect penis length and erect penis girth. While some men may just want to increase the overall length of their penis or just increase the girth, most men will want to increase both Learn more at

About Penis Extenders

It is a fact that there are very few men in the world with the perfect big penis. Fortunately, men of smaller size should worry no longer. Thanks to new technological and medical advances a new penile enlargement device has now been designed and built to help men who are not well-endowed.

A penis extender is a clinically proven penile enlargement device which can also be used along with penis exercises. This will give you permanent enlargement for life. The big penis size you have always wanted is now achievable. You can now buy a penis extender as part of a complete penis enlargement system at affordable prices. They can increase the size of your penis by up to 3 inches although on average most men will see size gains of 1 – 2 inches.

The idea for the penis extender was taken from an orthopedic device used to help lengthen the patient’s limbs without causing damage to the body parts. This technique has now been used for many numbers of years and its effectiveness is proven many times.

Do you ever wonder do penis extenders work?

Are Penis Extenders Safe To Use?

Yes, most penis extenders will carry the strict European CE safety mark. The modern penis extender is made from high-grade materials, fully adjustable and easy to use. By using a comfort strap you can ensure that circulation to the head of the penis is not cut off. Learn more about penis extender science |

The adjustable tensions bars will make sure that you don’t accidentally overextend your penis. Really the only possible way you could injure yourself is through misusing the device. Below you will find all the facts to show why penis extenders are considered a lot safer than other penis enlargement methods:

No side effects even after long-term use

The best penis extenders recommended on this site are not only backed by real customer testimonials but have also been approved by leading international authorities on health. These devices have a very high safety profile; to date, there have been absolutely no side effects even if used for the prolonged amount of time. Users of the device have reported that there are no discomfort or penis skin marks even when worn all day

No complications

Using a penis extender is considered completely risk-free; there are no complications such as pain, discomfort, bleeding, allergies or even a wound-formation to the body.

Compliance and convenience

All the penis extenders recommended on this site have been designed to minimize any risk or pain that was associated with older penile extenders. The base unit has been ergonomically designed to fit the actual pelvic shape of a man’s anatomy.

So as the tension is applied throughout the extender and pressure is applied to the base unit, you will not feel any discomfort. With the introduction of the comfort strap, the extender can now be worn on both circumcised and uncircumcised penises. This method is also considered much more comfortable and safe. Learn more at

When used properly, a penis extender from a credible and trust-worthy brand will be virtually devoid of any major side effects. To date, there have been absolutely no reported safety issues of any severity. Without a doubt, the increasing use of extender devices has successfully and significantly improved the penis health (including length, girth, and curvature) of men suffering a small penis without any serious or major side effects.


Penis extenders are therefore a natural and completely safe method to enlarge your penis. Using a penis extender is exactly the same as using your hand to stretch your penis. Actually, the only major difference is that the extender can hold this stretch for many hours and is much more of a controlled method than using your hand to jelq.