A cursory linguistic examination of the English term “well- endowed” speaks volumes. Funk & Wagnall’s Standard Dictionary defines “endowed”as “furnished or equipped as with natural tal- ents or gifts”—certainly a desirable attribute in anybody‘s book. And of course, the adverb “well” connotes a favorable state, as in “well-spoken.” “well-dressed,” and well-behaved.” Likewise, the colloquialism “well-endowed” contains a subliminal tip-of-the-hat to the desirability of a large organ. It is interesting to note that the term has a direct equivalent in virtually all Indo-European languages, meaning that it was likely coined by speakers of the abo- riginal Proto-lndo European tongue thousands of years ago and still carries a favorable connotation among cultures around the globe. Were the presence of a large penis viewed as a hindrance or liability, our ancestors would have likely coined the term “encumbered” or “burdened.” Learn more at http://extendersreview.com/compare-brands/ and here.

Phallicism in history

Early cultures were much more open in their expression of admi- ration for the penis. The Hindus were particularly appreciative of the large phallus. Their artwork and sculptures abound with images of horse-hung men. Ironically, the worship of the large penis extended only to images and icons. In the human. however, the small penis was esteemed as the epitome of manhood. The Kama Sutra identifies four types of males by the size of the penis. The “Shushah” (hare man) with an erect penis of only 2-3” (5-7 cm) is characterized as “lithe and strong.” and the “beau ideal.” The mid-sized man. or the “Mrigah” (buck man) is described as “the perfection of warriors. He is fleet and graceful” with an erect penis. On a diet? Semen has only five calories per teaspoon. Do you ever wonder do penis extenders work?

The advantages of size

He was measuring 4-6″ (10-15 cm). The man with the large 7-8” (18-20 cm) penis is referred to as “Vrishubha” (bull man), being characterized as “tough and muscular.” Curiously, the lowest man on the totem pole, the “Ushvah” (stallion man) was the rare individual with a wrist-thick, taurine tumescence measuring greater than 9″ (23 cm). The Hindus amusingly considered such a man as “worthless and indolent.”

The Greeks were the other culture of note that expressed a dichotomy in their admiration of the penis. Their gods are often massively-endowed while humans are depicted with puny penises. If you feel you’re underendowed, take heart, you would have been a big hit in ancient Athens. Large penises were perceived to be abnormal and ungainly, and were banished to the domains of caricature, satyrs. or barbarians. In explaining the Hellenic predilection for small genitals, Aristotle reasoned that shorter penises were more fertile than long ones, because the semen had a shorter distance to travel and didn’t cool off as much during ejaculation. We now know that such reasoning is folly, and apart from the Greeks and Hindus, virtually all other cultures (including our own), to generate the large penis. The Arabs have a fascination with the large phallus that can be summed up by the old Moslem maxim that a woman “prefers an A additional inch of penis to anything this world or the next might offer.” So obsessed were the Arabs with notions of the superiority of the large penis that the Ottoman Turks conquered them in part on the strength of the Turks’ perceived phallic superiority. The Turks publicly posted the measurements of the vanquished Arab leaders, comparing them to the real or imagined superior cock sizes of the Turkish commanders. This helped to effectively shatter Arab resistance.

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