Penis extenders are effective at increasing length and girth. Jelqing will gradually strengthen the glans and increase its size. This gentle numbing of the nerve endings in the glans will enable the man to make love for longer periods of time by delaying ejaculation and encouraging volcanically-powerful orgasms.

Mantak Chia is one of the preeminent practioners of Taoist philosophy. In his book Taoist Secrets of Love, Chia provides precise instructions on how to enlarge and elongate your penis. Inhale the air through the nose into the throat … from there swallow and press it down to the stomach.

Chia advises the enlarger to soak the penis in warm water. He claims that this will help the organ absorb the warmth of the yan energy, thereby encouraging it to expand. Of course, you would always use a penis extender. He asserts that by following these exercsies, a man can expect to experience a growth of an inch during the first month or so of practice. Further gains may be noticed, he adds, depending upon the individual’s bodily structure. I contacted a master herbalist and student of Tao philosophy about this technique. He commented. Learn more at

The method of penis enlargement is from the pen of Master Mantak, Chia, the most distinguished practioner in the U.S. I would probably use this technique together with the enlargement herbs.

When I expressed doubt about the ability of this method to truly increase the size of the penis he commented.

I do not feel that your criticism of the technique is necessarily valid. One must keep in mind that this is more a Taoist than a Chinese technique. I do not feel like your criticism of the technique is necessarily valid. One must keep in mind that this is more a Taoist than a Chinese technique. Learn about penis extenders work. If you want to increase girth it is recommended that  you consider a penis pump |

Conclusion: This enigmatic penis enlargement method is fascinating on one hand but  of dubious value on the other. Indeed. the Orient is redolent with I salubrious secrets long repudiated by the West (acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation). and we are slowly coming around, f discovering that many of these “secrets” have great validity after L all. As far as enlarging the penis. I have received letters from two 3) different men who claim to have gained 1-3″ through this method. v However. before and after photos were not provided as proof. Also. considering that there are millions of Asian practitioners of Taoist philosophy. I find it amusing that there is a dearth of endowed Oriental males. If this method is so effective. then why are the masses of Taoist devotees with equine penises? My research team is still interested in taking the first case study of Tao enlargee (with before and after photographs). Learn more at

The Milking Method

The August 1989 issue of Players magazine featured an article M Donna Powell (“Making it Bigger”) which provided instructions how to increase the size of the penis. This is a very simple method involving a milking procedure that is specifically designed ; “enlarge the size of your fibrous tissues and (penile). Amazingly, the writer (a woman) claims that the male will gain from half an inch to an inch within four to six weeks if you consistently perform the method.