Penis extenders come under a lot of different brands, makes and models. The industry has exploded with the arrival of the internet, but it’s important that you don’t just get any penis enlarger. You want to get one that has been approved by doctors- doing so can make a huge difference in whether or not you get a real device or a scam assortment of random parts. Penis extenders like the X4 Labs are increasing length and girth.

About Penis Extenders

Normally the size of an erected penis depends upon the blood holding chambers in the penis, these fill with blood when you get an erection. The extender is a small device, which you wear on your penis while it is flaccid. Normally, it can be worn under clothes and it is not visible. While you are wearing it, it gradually stretches your penis. The effect is similar to lifting weights to promote muscle growth.

The tissues composing the penis stretch and grow. By using the device you increase and elongate these chambers thus more blood fills in them which results in longer, harder erections. “Penile extender”, “Penis stretcher” and “Penis traction device” are the same because they work in the same way. But jelqing device is different. Learn about penis extenders work.

All the parts in your device should be hypo-allergenic and constructed only from medical grade materials (so that you don’t have a rash or allergic reaction). A high quality penis enlarger provides an effective way to make your penis bigger. It’s safe and reliable when used correctly. A good enlarger can be worn under your clothes for long stretches of time totally discretely.

Benefits of Penis Extenders

  • Increase Penis length – the typical gain in length is 1-1.5 inches in the first 3 months. If you continue to perform stretching for three more months, you can expect to gain 0.5-1 more inches.
  • Increase Penis Girth
  • longer and harder erections
  • Increase sexual satisfaction for you and your partner
  • Increase level of self-confidence, which in turn can cause a series of improvements in your (not only sexual) life.
  • Safely and effectively
  • Permanent Results
  • Correct penile curvature (Peyronie’s Disease)
  • Doctor Approved

The device is very comfortable to wear like a wrist watch. Traction device for penis are the only sure way of enlarging your penis irrespective of what pills may claim and other sources such as patches or oil products may say. The only sure way you have is through exercise and traction devices.

Penis Enlargement Requires Patience

A high quality traction device and an intelligent program is going to make your penis larger- guaranteed. But many people get frustrated because they think penis enlargement devices are miracle cures when in fact it takes time to make your penis larger. It’s like marathon training- you need to build it up over time and not overnight.

Extenders are all about how long you are going to wear it as a total- so they are flexible because you can wear it for multiple short stretches throughout the day or you can wear it for one long stretch every day.

How to Make Traction Work Faster

There are a lot of factors that will influence how well you are able to make your penis larger. How well you follow the exercise program will make a difference, but so will leading a healthy lifestyle and generally taking care of yourself and your penis.

You need to optimize a lot of your life to get the fastest growth, and if you aren’t healthy than you need to expect your growth will occur at a slower rate.It might take a lot longer than 1 month to see results. Within 1 month you might not see much change, but you might see huge results 4 to 6 months in. Learn more at

Extra Inches will Greatly Increase Your Confidence

x4 labsYour confidence with women and your confidence in life as a whole is likely to increase with the size of your penis. Everyone who uses a penis enlarger successful has also increased their confidence with women, but also outside of the bedroom.

This is important because women are attracted to confidence in general and in your everyday life. A woman knows when a man is really confident and when he’s just faking it. When you make your penis bigger you’ll gain that “look” and that “aura” that will draw women towards you. This will give you more attention from women, and only in the span of a couple of weeks. You should expect:

  1. To have harder, larger and thicker erections increasing her pleasure during sex
  2. The ability to last longer in bed and have greater control over your ejaculations
  3. Stronger, more enjoyable and pleasurable orgasms
  4. A correction of curves and other abnormal shapes like Peyronie’s (cured 61% of the time)

When you are walking around with a larger penis then you will naturally become more flirtatious with women and bolder than you ever were before. Your Extender is going to help you woo any woman you want. It’s true that there are cheaper models out there, but they aren’t going to deliver the results that you need.

You Need to Get Penis Extender

A lot of people want to make their penis larger for a lot of different reasons. Male body image is becoming increasingly important and prominent in society, and a lot of men just aren’t happy with the size of their penis. Many men are even embarrassed about it. No one, man or woman, wants to have to deal with an average or small sized penis.

By landing on this site and learning about these Extenders you’ve taking some really important steps towards improving your body, and making your sexual experiences out of this world. It’s not, however, enough to just visit this site. You need to take the actions required to order the device that will change your life for the better by making your penis larger.

Which Penis Extender Do I Buy?

When you read our PE reviews, you will want to start with the best model that delivers the expected results. We strongly recommend a highly rated and total package. Something should be included: User’s manual, Guarantee, Support forum (to share your experiences and learn from others), silicone harnesses, and customizable fastening loops.

We wouldn’t want to take a risk with such an important part of our body and we don’t want you to either. Without a qualified doctor’s endorsement, how can you have confidence in the product being offered to you? Regularly, to decide upon the kind of extender a patient should consult a specialist and try the device on.

Essentially, penis enlargers vary according to how they fix on the penis and where the traction comes from. All the other differences between extenders tend to be small mechanical issues that make little to no difference.The most common and classic form of penis extenders are the so-called “noose” variety of extenders. These are extenders that are common, but can cause a lot of problems. Whether or not they create problems tends to revolve around whether or not your penis is shaped certain way (size of glans, leveled coronary sulcus, etc). Learn which penis extender is best.

If your penis is shaped in an incompatible manner, than the noose extender won’t be a lot of help to you because your penis will either be overly compressed or it will keep sliding off. X4Lab‘s comfort strap technology makes penis enlarger use more comfortable for most people, as it utilizes an elastic silicon strap and comfort pads to minimize the risk of damaging the skin of your penis and from over-compressing the glans of your penis.