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A donkey in the sauna

In the early 1980s, 1 was conducting postgraduate work at UCLA. The academic load was monstrous, so to help alleviate the mental strain, I participated in a regular regimen of arduous physical activity. On Tuesday evenings, Bob, my gym partner. and I participated in a strenuous four-game set of racquetball at the local health spa. Afterward, we enjoyed a hot, stinging shower punctuated by a trip to the sauna to relax our muscles. Being of Scandinavian heritage. I learned to appreciate the salubrious effects of a steamy hot sauna at an early age. With eucalyptus- scented water splashed on the sizzling coals. the swirling steam brought out the aromatic muskiness of the redwood paneling. The heated mixture provided the perfect antidote for sore muscles and stiff joints aggravated by athletic overindulgence.

Dripping with perspiration. Bob and I quickly stripped after one particularly exhausting game. tossed our sweaty gym gear in our lockers and headed for the showers. Summoning up reserves of VA1though there is great variation. the average adult penis increases 7.5 cm. (3′) during erection. A matter of inches macho bravado, we both jumped in the ice plunge for a bone—chflling dip, then raced into the heated sanctuary of the sauna, perching ourselves on the uppermost bench to take advantage of the rising steam. As we settled down and dried the final beads of icy water from our torsos, the door opened.

I instantly recognized the figure in the doorway as the star running back for the Bruins—UCLA’s nationally-ranked football team. A towering figure of six-foot-four, he sported the body of a latter- day Adonis, with V-shaped torso, bulging pecs, and mountainous biceps. He was ruggedly handsome, with sculpted facial features reminiscent of Mel Gibson. Needless to say, he was a favorite among the coeds. With the body of a muscled Michelangelo statue and the face of a matinee idol, it was no small wonder he recently graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. His entrance attracted a few cursory glances of admiration, and he offered a patronizing nod to a pair of underdassment then sat down on the front bench as everyone nonchalantly resumed their private conversations.

Scarcely a minute later, the door swung open again. Mouths dropped in astonishment and eyes blinked in disbelief. The guy in the doorway was not another Adonis—not by any stretch of the imagination. A stout and scrawny fellow, he sported a mop of coarse unruly hair accented by a prominent aquiline nose on which teetered a pair of thick-lensed spectacles. His body was even less remarkable, with a sunken, hairless chest and underdeveloped muscles. Yet there was one particularly outstanding characteristic which made my sauna companions ignore the homely facial features. He brandished a pendulously long and thick penis which dangled like a firehose between his legs. In street clothes, he would have been branded the campus nebbish, but in the buff, he commanded the immediate attention of everyone around. V The genitals of the male generally reach adult proportions at around age 17. If it were truly possible, would you like to add an inch or two in length and/or girth to your penis? If you have ever entertained the fantasy of possessing a larger penis, stay tuned…this book is for you. In the following pages, we will explore the size of the average penis, reveal the largest penises ever recorded in medical annals, and discuss the variation in size among the races. We’ll also present research into the various methods of penis enlargement that have been practiced over the centuries.

Man’s quest for a larger penis is more of a global obsession than you might realize. Primitive man often suspended heavy stones from his penis in an attempt to lengthen it, and post-Renaissance European fashion dictated that sartorially-sawy gentlemen don padded cod pieces to enhance the illusion of a large penis.

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Penis Enlargement Methods—Fact & Phallusy

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