X4 labs is a penis extender device and commonly referred to as attraction device. It was created in 1995 but a couple of researchers in Northern Europe. It’s actually been clinically proven and tested that you can actually gain size. There are very few products in the male enhancement industry that are clinically proven to work. As a result of the tests Sizegenetics has been prescribed to patients especially in Europe.

There are a lot of other extenders and knock offs but you can tell they are all based on this particular one. The device looks a little complicated at first but it’s really not at all. The base ring of course is where the penis goes through and the device comes with several bars to adjust depending on the size of your penis.

This device is awesome. They upgraded it in 2012 with a 16 point comfort system meaning there is 16 different ways you can wear the device and find the most comfortable position. This is a big reason why it sells better than other extenders on the market. If you are going to be wearing for a couple hours per day for the next few months you really want it to feel comfortable. They put a lot of thought into the design of this extender with a few revisions over the years. Learn amore about the best penis extender | http://solenoidrocks.com/

Keep in mind this device has to be worn for a decent amount of time before any changes can be seen.

It basically stretches your penis overtime and creates new cells which make it longer. It uses a spring system that creates tension. It takes about 2-3 months to see real changes. After two months I was able to gain a half inch on my boner. I was using 5 days a week and 4-5 hours a day. It is a commitment but the results are worth it. There are several ways you can buy it but the best way is to buy it online. I personally recommend the complete package. That will give you the comfort system., all the accessories, and a month supply of Male Extra which will help you see faster gains.

“I’m eating right. I think my girlfriend is banging hot. Barely masturbate. Drink enough water. No signs of stress etc. Also going through penis of steel, and heaps of other books on penis enlargement etc.

He is now struggling to make a slope higher than 90’deg by himself. Also a full inch shorter than what was last measured a couple of months ago!

Has anyone tried the PC contraction exercises, etc Has anyone gotten results?

I’m also trying Wendi’s hypnosis tapes. I don’t know about you guys but losing my man-hood pretty much makes me feel like.. losing my man-hood. I’m also looking at underwear. Maybe briefs aren’t the best way to go. Human body is not geared towards being with the same partner for prolonged times. When you are in an environment with new girls your testosterone will increase.”

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Answer: YES