The immortal Scottish poet, Robert Burns, once expressed the desire for men to be able to see themselves as others see them as people who use extenders and stretchers to obtain maximum girth and length. This disparity between perception and reality (do others see the same body that I see when I look in the mirror?) generates what Dr.Felix Grange refers to as “body image problems.“ These problems occur because there is a perceptual gap between the way we look and the way we wished we looked.

Few people are genuinely satisfied with their physical appearance. Even many of the glamorous. immaculately-coiffed starlets that grace the covers of fashion magazines are critical of their looks. In Hollywood, a community where physical perfection is a prized commodity, a surprising number of media darlings have undergone some sort of surgical enhancement or reconstruction. Thanks to this perception of physical inadequacy, plastic surgery has become a thriving business. Tummy tucks. face lifts. nose- bobs. and liposuction are all surgical testaments to the obsessive quest for eternal youth and physical perfection. Why would penis enlargement be any different? Bigness as a symbol of sexual desirability is by no means limited to the male. Large. voluptuous breasts have become such an obsession in the psyche of the male that many women have resorted to surgical breast augmentation in order to bolster their sense of femininity and desirability. Dolly, Liz. and Bette are all symbols of the male fascination for cleavage and decolletage. Fortunately. If we are dissatisfied with our physical appearance, modern medicine has provided high-tech methods for erasing nature’s inequities. Facial wrinkles can be magically smoothed with collagen or Retin-A. birth marks skillfully erased by medical lasers. and unattractive or aquiline noses can be artfully reconstructed. All it takes is a small bankroll and a skilled plastic surgeon. Learn about X4 Labs extender | and here.

V In 16th century England, men wore a braquette (codpiece) which was like a padded jockstrap. This caused a conspicuous bulge in the trousers and was intended as a visual aphrodisiac. The largest codpiece on display at the Tower of London allegedly belonged to Henry VIII. Men, though. are plagued by several physical shortcomings that (1. Weight can be controlled through diet aren’t so easily exercise. and medication. A weak. underdeveloped body can be fortified with bulging muscles and impressive through regular exercise. But certain areas of the male anatomy still evoke great trepidation. These three problem are height. baldness, and penis size.

Substandard stature is primarily an annoyance only to the man who is short. It seldom bothers his friends or loved ones. Baldness is another sensitive subject. Most men fear the loss of their hair, subliminally equating it with declining virility. But no aspect of the male anatomy arouses greater anxiety than penis size. The genital size of such paramount importance the penis is the very embodiment of a man’s ego, and most men fear that they are small. Men often consider the size of the penis to be a barometer of virility. Phillip B. Luloff. M.D., a sex therapist and assistant professor of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City says that “when you’re measuring the size of your penis, the instrument you’re using is not a ruler but some assessment of your self esteem.” Dr. Felix Grange succinctly illustrates the psychological importance that a man attaches to his penis:

Why is this concern with stance to men? Simply put To call a man a liar, genitals is to strike at the very core of his image. A man fears he has a small penis. To tell him so and confirm his fears can be to deal him a shattering blow. Learn more about the penis extender that works at A punishment occasionally inflicted upon an adulterous male by the ancient Greeks consisted of shaving his pubic hair and inserting 1 large radish in his rectum.