Safe and Effective Penis Enlargement Pills

Many men feel that a larger penis is necessary to please their sexual partner. The ‘normal’ penis is three to five inches when not erect. When erect it will be five to seven inches. A penis is not considered small unless it is less than three inches when not erect.

There probably is not a man that does not wish his penis was larger. Centuries of penis enlargement attempts have proven to be fruitless. There have been creams, pills, stretching devices and surgery. Some of these will add to the problem by causing erectile dysfunction. Penis enlargement pills are the most frequently advertised, but still have their risks.

Men who believe their penises are too small need to realize that they are not looking at their penis at a good angle. Most men who feel their penis is too small are wrong. One of the things that increases the doubt of adequate size is being overweight. The solution to that is to lose weight. The weight loss will expose an increased amount of the shaft, thus making the penis appear larger. Liposuction is another ‘cure’ for a small penis can be performed. Removing the belly fat around the penis will expose more of the shaft. Weight loss is a lot less painful and less expensive

Several penis enlargement pills have been pulled from the market because of their side effects. They have been shown to cause a severe drop in blood pressure. There are still some available all over the internet and in radio and television advertisements. Often some herbal remedies do address the cause instead of masking symptoms. Herbal remedies are sometimes preferred over pharmaceuticals due to the decrease in side effects. In either case, it is important to check with your physician before taking either pharmaceuticals or herbals. Some herbal remedies will cause a severe drop in blood pressure when combined with prescription medications. Learn about do penis extenders work |

Consider the things that these ‘remedies’ can cure. First of all, they do not enlarge the penis. What they do is improve a man’s ability to have an erection and in some cases will allow an erection to last longer, thus improving performance in the man’s opinion.

Many men rush out to buy the latest penis enlargement pills because they believe that the advertisers are telling them that the size matters. If they consulted their partners, they could take the partner out to dinner rather than spending the money on penis enlargement pills.

Prescription pills are prescribed to improve erectile dysfunction, not to enlarge the penis. Being able to distinguish the difference in cause and effect can save the man a good bit of money. Pills such as Viagra and Cialis are prescribed for men who have erectile dysfunction due to other medical conditions. Diabetes can result in erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone can also result in erectile dysfunction. Rather than penis enlargement pills testosterone may help with the latter. Diabetes E.D. will most likely require prescription medication.

If you read reviews of penis enlargement pills that are given by medical doctors, you will notice that they say the advertised pill will increase hardness and longer lasting erections, thus seemingly improving sexual stamina. Rarely, if ever, will they say it makes the penis larger. Stamina may be the goal for many men who reach an erection and climax too quickly for their pleasure or their partners. For this problem, some of the pills can be effective. They many not cure the problem, but men will feel they have improved their performance by being able to last longer.

Before purchasing and taking penis enlargement pills, it is important to read some reviews and do some homework. Other men have tried them and if they work or do not work, they are still eager to express their views on their performance.

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Professional Nantucket wedding Photographer

I have been a professional Nantucket wedding photographer for about 8 years, my main income is through shows selling fine art landscapes and natural abstracts. You can see examples of my wedding photography at  I have a great understanding of Photoshop but I can see this changing. I do mostly wedding documentary/photojournalism/street photography. I’d love to devote more time to photography hence why I’m here to pick up tips and tricks to make my time more productive. So by weeks end, I will be able to do some comparison shots between my 50mm f1.4 and this new 40mm f2.8 lens.

What I learned about Shooting Weddings In Nantucket

I am shooting my Nantucket weddings with a Canon 7d and was hoping to use the 50mm lens to do video…sadly, with the cropped sensor it means I needed to stand 20-30 feet away from my subject to shoot video which makes it difficult to do live, onsite interviews. Always remember that the technical skills needed to photography a wedding are exactly the same as the skills needed to shoot a sunset in your backyard!  So practice out there for a couple weeks once you learn the exposure tripplets (ISO/Aperture/Shutter) you WILL be able to get good shots! After you have the technical skills to photography a Nantucket wedding and have honed them locally, then you can do the same with your creative skills.  I challenge myself to find a less stunning subject and try to find a creative way to shoot it to make it interesting.  Maybe it can be interesting.. then again maybe not and I’ll have to try harder, at the same time that i’m expanding my ability to find interesting shots, i’m also stretching my photography skills.

Another thing i’ll do is photograph the bride and groom and then shoot until I am absolutely sick and tired of looking at it…. It could be a really cool twisty looking tree, or it could be a building or a person.  I shoot it from every conceivable angle, every regular and creative exposure i can think of.  high key, low key, whatever i can possibly think of!  But try to make every shot the best it possibly can be, don’t just spray and pray and never look at the images.  The goal is for each shot to have some sort of merit, even if it isn’t “good”.  Check out the best Nantucket Wedding Photographer at

Use Quality Lenses For Wedding Photography

The issue with the cheap ones is the fit isn’t always perfect. I don’t actually think it’s the cheap knock-off; it is more likely because Nikon has been basically making the same mount since 1959, and it varies a bit as the decades wore on. I have found that my 24mm f/2.8 has a slightly longer diaphragm pin, a small lever in the back of the lens. I’ve had a bit of trouble getting this lens on and off. I’ve also had some problems with a 50mm f/1.4 having a slightly fat aperture ring, which makes it stiff to turn. about screwing up your camera: I’m sure slapping non-standard lenses and adaptors on a beautiful canon body will eventually fill the image sensor up with tiny metal shavings or something. I’d rather be shooting through lenses than have them sitting on the shelf, though. might as well get a few picks according to

My Advice

Find a local wedding photography group!  Somewhere you can show your good pics and even more importantly your BAD pics and get advice on what might have helped your vision come through on those specific shots. Finally, when your next trip happens… TAKE YOUR TIME shooting.  Review your images while you are still on location.  Zoom in and make sure things are in focus. Make sure you mind your technical information that you’ve been practicing. Consider Nantucket wedding photographer |

As a wedding photographer who has shot in Sconset and all over Nantucket, you will learn from your mistakes.  however, you will also learn to compose the shot in the camera and in your head, rather than in photoshop.  you will be observing light; how it changes through the day, and how it interacts, emphasizes, and changes a subject.   work within the limitations of film; limitations are what drive creativity.  Figure out how to shoot iso100 outside at dusk.   learn to develop your film, and print it optically.  if you are lazy like me, you’ll crap out and scan it, but the real power of black and white photography is the texture of the print. you will learn more from 5 rolls of black and white film than you will shooting 120 digital photos, because you will be waiting for the ‘decisive moment’, rather than ‘spray and pray’.  With film, you’re overcome and can no longer restrain yourself from saving that exposure and taking the photo. At that point, you’re a real wedding photographer.  In the age of digital photography, it is more essential than ever to take film seriously.

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17 Day Diet Fasting

Let’s talk about the 17 Day Diet. There isn’t scientific evidence that clearly points out one can only consume X amount of protein for it to be effective BUT, since we carry on with our lives as usual it isn’t very practical to just eat one 1KG steak now is it? Or do you always bring that to work? No, that is why you divide it into multiple meals, when you workout everyday you also need to account for pre and post meals which need to be seperate to get the maximum out of your workout, again that is two meals.

Sure, you can do 4meals a day, but it has been proven that your body (if working out intense) needs a constant stream of nutrients, something which cannot be achieved through four meals or so, aside from extreme impracticallities that occur if you suddenly need 3500kcal in 4meals. Aside from that, 5-7meals is most optimal for you blood sugar as countless of researches have pointed out but I’m sure that since you find it so entertaining to waste your time on browsing through the internet to find sources that argue against findings mentioned by other members you will find something. Which, to me, is sad, really. Check out the 17 day diet at

Fasting on the 17 Day Diet

Actually, having regular fasting times is WAY more beneficial than that. It increases insulin sensitivity, induces autophagy of erronous cells, induces life prolonging changes, leads to increased HGH, does not have an effect on training results, increases the protein synthesis effect of later on ingested protein…

Guys, this isnt just “A little research” this is the groundbreaking shit that has been coming for over 15 years now. Don’t spout the stuff from the 70s if you haven’t read the edgy stuff from the 2000s yet, which is slowly killing mainstream opinion.

Really don’t feel like looking up all the researches to confirm MY statements but aside from that. 5-7meals is WAY more practical if you need large kcal. intakes (3500+) otherwise eating meals would take you forever and it would be way less practical. Point is that this schedule works perfect for me personally atm.

However, I will look into the leanmass philosophy in more detail when I have time, it looks very interesting. Do you guys recommand any other stuff from similar guys, I always enjoy reading more about nutrition/weight training. Untill then, I stay with the more ‘oldschool’ approach. Check out 17 day diet at

Glad you could get some value out of this. Never stop learning and don’t attach yourself too much emotionally to models. If you need a fitness trainer in Los Angeles then check out

And the energy intake thing depends. Most people don’t have to eat a lot. On the contrary, most want to lose fat. But of course some need a lot and some are better of with big meals, some with small.

Well small surplus on workout days, maintenance or below on OFF days. This however depends on your partitioning ratio. Until the book comes out there are no hard numbers. So you’ll have to try yourself. Most important variable is the gaining of relative strength (good indicator of lean mass gains). Ratios of BW to weigh gain on his site.

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Dealing With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in 2017

Hi ladies and gentleman I’m your host and we’re going to talk about chapter 13 bankruptcy. I’m an attorney here in Utah and do a lot of that kind of work hoping to assist you with the basic understanding so you don’t have to worry too much about what can be complex legal topics. I practiced law for 33 years and really enjoy these YouTube videos because frankly I am a former four-time college professor. I’ve always thought that knowledge is power.  The more you know about your personal affairs unless you have to worry and I have suggested for you there my phone number if you have questions then go to

You can call me at any time.  I am a bankruptcy lawyer in Utah and pretty conversant with the law there. Other states will have various changes that make it a little bit different I encourage everyone to always to consult with a lawyer who practices in the state where you live to get you the very best advice. Because I’m an attorney, I have to tell you that this is advertising material but let’s talk a little bit about the purpose up this video. What we’re trying to do is discuss chapter 13 bankruptcy and how works the ins and outs and the mechanics of this short video. We want you to go forward. We’re going to take run at it do the very best we can I want discuss how to protect bankers your home your car your wages and other assets that you possess payment plans and bankruptcy are referred to is chapter 13’s.

The reason they’re called chapter 13 is the book for bankruptcy is title 11 in the United States Code and the seventh chapter relates to the liquidation debt without a payment plan chapter 7 and the thirteenth chapter relates to the liquidation debt with the payment plan that’s what we’re talking about today. If the chapter 13 these payment plans go for 60 months, the court will devise a plan for you consulting with you in your attorney that pays out over 60 months and they’re very good for dealing with tax debt. There is no interest or penalties involved when there is taxed at a chapter 13. That of course can be a great advantage we all know how penalties and interest can be a crushing burden. Overtime the chapter 13 good for making up the arrangement on home if you owe back to payments they can all be paid out over 60 months and chapter 13 may be required according to experts.

Here in Utah based on income above approximately forty thousand for an individual approximately 50,000 for a couple so many times folks in a chapter 13 simply because the law requires it at the income level. There are further advantages to the chapter 13.One advantage is you can often wind up paying less. This is a tremendous advantage. Not only do interest and penalties go away but even the fall amount of the debt you may not necessarily pay you might wind up paying 40 50 60 percent of the debt depending on income and other expenses which you have. There is no interest assessed on any debt and penalties any of any sort are not assessed in a chapter 13.  Not just for tax debt but for all debt interest and penalties.

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Do Breast Enhancement Pills Work?

Whether your feel your breast are too small then you should consider breast enhancement vitamins. Two more ingredients include Vitamin e which helps to firm and boost your breasts. You can start to see and feel the benefits in as little as week.

Breast Enhancement Pills Work

If you are serious about enhancing your breasts than you want to consider Vitamin A because it will help make your skin more healthy and it is fat-soluble. Your immune system will get a huge boost and it is found in abundance in milk. If you use Vitamin C you can expect greater collagen and beautiful skin. This is because it is  water-soluble antioxidant and will make your immune system stronger and better at fighting off sickness. Only 1,000 mg a day is enough to sufficiently fuel your breast growth. You will also be at a lower risk for cancer.Vitamin-D is a great vitamin to take because it improves the tone of your muscles and helps repair the body. It is recommended you take 15 micrograms per day to yield the full benefits. Cheeses and other dairy products have high amounts of Vitamin D as does exposure to sunlight when taken in moderation. This will keep your breasts firm and well shaped.

You want to also take Vitamin E because it is good for your bodies natural health.  Because it is fat-soluble, it can boost your immune system and reduce cellular damage in your boobs. It’s also great at improving the health of your muscles and impact your blood circulation. The foods that are rich in Vitamin E include sunflower feeds and tomatoes.

You should also consider amino acids. These are also really good for improving the growth of your breasts in a natural and safe way. It an also protect the body from aging and slow down the process. Other good vitamins to consider include Vitamins A, B6, C, and E. They are all good at fixing damaged cells and rejuvenating the body.

Beta-carotene is also consider to be pretty effective as well. Their has been a bunch of studies that show it to be very powerful at rejuvenating your breasts and making them bigger and fuller. You can find this vitamin in carrots and vegetables. Another way to boost your cup size is to use breast enhancement pills found at

Make sure to drink plenty of water with your vitamins as this helps keep the body hydrated and improves the absorption of vitamins into the body. There is no secret formula for having bigger breast but this can certainly help. Also make sure you get plenty of sleep because research has shown that sleep makes huge difference in the quality of your breast growth.

You should also consider practicing and embracing a healthy lifestyle free of drugs, alcohol, and other things detrimental to your health.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements can also be beneficial to breast enhancement. Saw Palmetto is a very popular product that is used for make boobs look bigger. Others include Dong Quai, Wild Yam, and more. Since your breasts of mostly of fatty tissue they top growing after puberty.

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Semenax Results for 2017

Low sperm volume not only decreases a man’s pleasure with few and short shots but it is also the first cause of childlessness and male infertility. Did you know the more testosterone your body generates the higher your sexual impulses are and the more semen you produce? You can easily take your sex life to a higher level today! Semenax is a new highly rated semen enhancement product.

What about longer and more intense orgasms and better and more impressive ejaculations! Improve your sperm volume and mobility with Semenax. The minerals and vitamins in the Semenax formula are necessary to keep your reproductive system healthy and produce a larger semen volume.  This improvement in your sperm production will also boot your self confidence and your overall sexual well being.

Tease your partner with wild contractions. Start it all over now! The herbal extracts enclosed in Semenax increase you sperm volume up to 5x and improve your sperm quality and mobility. Have longer ejaculations and reinforce your sex drive. Enjoy multiple orgasms and impress your partner with loads of sperm shots! Semenax is naturally formulated to boost your semen production and maximize your viability.  Simply speaking, you will increase your ejaculation by greater than 500% with more power to shock your girlfriend in bed. Learn more about Semenax at

Semenax not only offers more intense orgasms but makes your ejaculations more visually impressive. The herbal extracts enclosed in Semenax have been used for centuries in successful male sexual enhancements.

They act as diarectis and rejuvenators to strengthen and nourish your body tissues. The promote higher cell productions and more vigor to increase your sexual endurance.  They act as nervine tonics and neurotransmitter precursors. They are also used in Spermaturia.

Issues with male fertility can decrease your chances of fathering a child. Fortunately, Semenax is a nutritional supplement that can help enhance the quality and motility of your sperm. When used in conjunction with lifestyle changes and regular exercise, you may find yourself well on your way to becoming a dad. Learn about Semenax at

Vitamins in Semenax

The vitamins contained in Semenax provide a lot of benefits. When used in tandem with one another, they can help promote physical and mental wellbeing. Some of the B vitamins also have a direct impact on your sperm production. For example, B12 helps to promote motility and sperm production. Low levels of this nutrient can adversely affect your fertility and inhibit your chances of impregnating your spouse or partner. Liver, fish and eggs are reliable sources of B12 and some of the other B vitamins. 

Semenax review 2015 |


Semenax increases secretion of testosterone and energizes your overall reproductive system and they boost nerve function for higher sensations and stronger contractions.

Find out does Semenax work?

Health experts approve Semenax as an effective and safe natural formula for any many looking to enhance his sperm volume and enjoy a better sex life. Enjoy the impressive results on your sperm volume and overall sexual well-being. Discover Semenax today! If you have always wanted to shoot monster loads and cover your girlfriend in semen then you need to check it out.

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Doing The Six Week Body Makeover

t is my assertion upon taking the Six Week Body Make Over that at the same caloric intake body composition IS affected dramatically by the ratio of fats proteins and carbohydrates, with protein being the easy one to prove, and fat and carbohydrate having arguments and evidence both for and against according to

The body will prefer to eat stored carbohydrate or muscle for energy before removing your beer gut, when I go into ketosis, my body switches over to preferring FAT for energy thus increasing the removal of stored fat within my body.

I agree total calories matter immensely, I assert the importance of total calories is not in competition with my other assertions about macronutrient ratios, and that rather than being in competition, they are both complementary

Burning Calories with Six Week Body Make Over

What is a mediocre example of calories in vs calories out and “where do the calories come from” being complementary? Below is a fairly lame example of that when using the Six Week Body Make Over by Michael Thurmond:

I believe that despite jonas1’s first post where there was seemingly enough of a calorie deficit to affect weightloss, I have firm reasons to believe it is his sugar fits and the subsequent hormonal responses that where impairing his removal of fat from his body.

Could have also been what Shao said where due to differences between people he might not actually be in a calorie deficit.

My recommendations to him would be to reduce sugar calories as a number 1 priority, or at least move his sugar fits to right after hard resistance training and with some Whey Protein Isolate or something.

Also to experiment with slowly dropping total calories a little bit and see what happens, but which calories to drop? I recommend dropping the calories from his sugar fits   (or moving them to post workout with protein where they will benefit his body the most) according to

Some of you are saying that you don’t think “kcals matter that much” … well they DO .. simple as that!

And then just a short note, that I actually did not want to go into: but as for Martins approach, (Martin which I have written with on Lyles board before), there is really not that much new in what he is during … But in his approach calories matters, – his entire approach builds on shifting between a kcal deficit and kcal surplus in a rather extreme way! – That you can administrate kcals without counting them (in lots of different ways), does simply NOT mean that kcals don’t count!

My Assessment of the Six Week Body Makeover

Last, if you read what I say you will notice I say calories has it’s uses and I don’t really give diet advice. If you want to get to 3% bodyfat or less, sure counting will probably help. My point is you can get sub 10 living a lifestyle if you know what to do, instead of focusing on counting. I can look in the mirror or go by how I feel and determine what I need to do. Which I think is way better than counting calories. And those habit changes and life style changes are 10x more effective than teaching someone how to count calories. This is what I teach, and the results speak. I spent a couple years working losing weight using the Six Week Body Makeover and I believe I reprogrammed my body to stay in a lean state.

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