Penis extenders are effective at increasing length and girth

Penis extenders are effective at increasing length and girth. Jelqing will gradually strengthen the glans and increase its size. This gentle numbing of the nerve endings in the glans will enable the man to make love for longer periods of time by delaying ejaculation and encouraging volcanically-powerful orgasms.

Mantak Chia is one of the preeminent practioners of Taoist philosophy. In his book Taoist Secrets of Love, Chia provides precise instructions on how to enlarge and elongate your penis. Inhale the air through the nose into the throat … from there swallow and press it down to the stomach.

Chia advises the enlarger to soak the penis in warm water. He claims that this will help the organ absorb the warmth of the yan energy, thereby encouraging it to expand. Of course, you would always use a penis extender. He asserts that by following these exercsies, a man can expect to experience a growth of an inch during the first month or so of practice. Further gains may be noticed, he adds, depending upon the individual’s bodily structure. I contacted a master herbalist and student of Tao philosophy about this technique. He commented.

The method of penis enlargement is from the pen of Master Mantak, Chia, the most distinguished practioner in the U.S. I would probably use this technique together with the enlargement herbs.

When I expressed doubt about the ability of this method to truly increase the size of the penis he commented.

I do not feel that your criticism of the technique is necessarily valid. One must keep in mind that this is more a Taoist than a Chinese technique. I do not feel like your criticism of the technique is necessarily valid. One must keep in mind that this is more a Taoist than a Chinese technique. Learn about penis extenders work.

Conclusion: This enigmatic penis enlargement method is fascinating on one hand but  of dubious value on the other. Indeed. the Orient is redolent with I salubrious secrets long repudiated by the West (acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation). and we are slowly coming around, f discovering that many of these “secrets” have great validity after L all. As far as enlarging the penis. I have received letters from two 3) different men who claim to have gained 1-3″ through this method. v However. before and after photos were not provided as proof. Also. considering that there are millions of Asian practitioners of Taoist philosophy. I find it amusing that there is a dearth of endowed Oriental males. If this method is so effective. then why are the masses of Taoist devotees with equine penises? My research team is still interested in taking the first case study of Tao enlargee (with before and after photographs).

The Milking Method

The August 1989 issue of Players magazine featured an article M Donna Powell (“Making it Bigger”) which provided instructions how to increase the size of the penis. This is a very simple method involving a milking procedure that is specifically designed ; “enlarge the size of your fibrous tissues and (penile). Amazingly, the writer (a woman) claims that the male will gain from half an inch to an inch within four to six weeks if you consistently perform the method.

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The Power of Magna RX


In this article, you will learn how these and many other cherished ideas we hold about nutrition are a dangerous collection of myths and half-truths based on adherence to a synthetic belief system that has led our culture far astray of nature’s promise and potential for bestowing health and healing. Male enhancement supplements like Magna RX | can dramatically boost your libido.
The primary problem identified within these pages is that most libido supplements and vitamins sold throughout the world are synthetics, created in laboratories owned or controlled by pharmaceutical companies, and these companies apply the same manufacturing standards and processes to vitamins that they do to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. At least 95 percent of all vitamins manufactured today contain some synthetic ingredients, according to the Organic Consumer’s Association.
Manufacturers maintain that their synthetic chemical vitamins concocted in laboratories are identical and just as effective as the naturally occurring vitamins produced in plants by nature. This book will challenge that contention in numerous ways, based on natural principles, science, observed human health impacts, and consumer safety to enhance erection.
Synergy means two or more chemicals or compounds interacting to produce effects more powerful than any one can create by itself. Synergy is a fundamental principle of nature, and a fact that the prevailing synthetics belief system, with its emphasis on isolating “magic bullet” molecules, chooses to ignore at our peril.
In fact, no human can live solely on isolated, synthetic nutrients; we must eat foods created by nature in order to survive. What is it in nature that creates life-sustaining foods and food nutrition that cannot be constructed or replicated by man? Although few of us ponder this great mystery in our practical day-to-day existence, it is an essential factor for both health and life, which are inextricably related.
Although scientists can create seawater with exactly the same chemical structure as natural seawater, when you put a saltwater fish in this synthetic environment, the fish does not thrive or stay as healthy as it does in its natural surroundings. Reefkeeping, an online magazine for marine aquarists, points out how synthetic seawater is “an imperfect substitute for what is the perfect medium for marine animal growth, pure oceanic seawater.” Some chemists will still try to convince you that seawater is just sodium chloride added to H2O and that synthetic seawater has an identical chemical structure to natural seawater. But in practice, as aquarium experts note, seawater “is a complex and incompletely understood mixture of virtually every substance that has graced the face of the Earth.” These substances create a synergy that nurtures and sustains marine life.

What is it in natural seawater that sustains marine life and creates a force that synthetics produced by humans cannot duplicate? It is the same principle of life-force, the same type of synergy from complex nutrient cofactors, that we find naturally occurring in the foods of nature that nurture and sustain our own forms of life. That life force is one of the themes of this book.
Scientists have never successfully created a male enhancement supplement from scratch in a laboratory. Only nature has proven its ability to produce apples. As the scientist Carl Sagan once aptly put it, “if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

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It is possible to increase the size of your penis through exercise?

Walter Schlesinger, M.D.. is one of a growing number of physician who refutes the claim that the penis cannot be enlarged. In his book. Penicure, the Manhood Miracle, Dr. Schlesinger writes: .

It is possible to increase the size of your penis through exercise. The exercise consists primarily of grasping the penis gently and stretching it half a dozen times or so several times a day. Such an exercise could be performed when it is necessary to urinate. This is best ~x accomplished by grasping the head with three fingers and gently stretching the shaft. Over a period of several months, this exercise may add a half inch or more to the length of the penis. Learn about Arginmax |

Stephen T. Chang, M.D. concurs that the deliberate stretching one’s penis encourages it to grow. In The Tao of Sexology he writes:

The size and shape of the penis, although determined at birth, can be improved upon. The male body may stop growing at the age of 20, but the penis continues to grow. Through scientific study, we know that the penis grows until a man dies. The older a man is. The bigger his penis becomes. It continues to grow in length and diameter, encouraged by the shaking and squeezing done after urination. Yes, the penis. as well as the nose, ears, and other append 5” continues to grow throughout a man’s lifetime, thanks In – the effects of gravity. However, this natural growth is n — being measured in millimeters rather than inches. This means that a 6″ penis at age 21 may grow to 6 1/4″ by average. However, through repeated manipulation and stretching (as “Penicure” method and others that will be discussed shortly penile growth may be encouraged even further. The lack of use may also cause the penis to atrophy slightly. Learn about Volume pills at

Penis Enlargement Methods

Conclusion: Repeated and deliberate pulling of the penis will help relax the suspensory ligament over time. The Penicure method has much in common with the Tao and Jelq methods (to be discussed shortly). Each involves daily exercises which force blood into the erectile bodies of the penis. The underlying principle suggests that through repeated and sustained engorgement. the penis can be increased in size. Through this simple exercise, which Dr. Schlesinger asserts need only be performed after urination, a half inch or more may be gained over time. Get the best penis extender |

One of my readers sent me some promotional material for a new device that claims to be effective in enlarging the penis. Actually,most of time of continual stretching, the penis will gradually length- 31 as the suspensory ligament is loosened. The kit consists of the following:

  • Foot strap
  • Long strap
  • Rubber loop with “D” ring and retainer
  • White foam penis collar strip
  • The kit comes in a sealed zip-lock bag and carries the caveat: “Opened packages cannot be returned.” Yet if you DON’t open the padcage. you can return the kit within 15 days for a refund. This is not the deal that you would imagine.


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Hypnosis Training in 2017

Hypnosis is interesting. Yeah, I found I had the same problem with the Kein videos. The problem is that those videos are really about teaching the technique to the viewer, the intention is not to get the viewer to go in to trance. I think the best way to experience these states is to learn them with a friend and then perform the inductions on each other. However you also need to ensure that you cover the basics of hypnosis techniques before attemting this advanced stuff. Great idea to use hypnotic coma and ultra-height for inner game issues. I did use ultra-height to help find my cat when he went missing for three days. When I was in Ultra-height my higher self told me the cat was alive and well and in the grounds of a nearby school. I found him a day later, sat under a parked car outside the school. Basic self-hypnosis deals with somnabulism. You can give yourself suggestions in that state that will be “powerfuly” accepted. There is no real use from light and medium hypnosis. Light is totaly useless and medium is for suggestions only, but they are less powerfuly accepted than in somnabulism. It’s very easy to reach somnabulism if you have no fears about hypnosis and you want to reach it and you let it reach. You let it reach mean that you don’t try to reach it, you must not let your conscious mind interfere. If you have a thought pop in your head, reject it promptly and just think “I know it will work, I let it work.” Learn more about hypnosis at

Coma is state where suggestions will not be accepted so it’s not really useful for therapy. It is state of mild euphoria and anesthesia, so it’s useful for stress reduction and smaller surgeries or child birth. Somnabulism is starting point for reaching coma state. You can not reach it from medium hypnosis. My experience is that it’s very easy to reach, all you have to do is before you go into hypnosis eliminate all beliefs that prevent you from entering. I had a few beliefs that prevented me. Learn more about

online hypnotherapy certification |

Kein was speaking how it is “best party you have ever been to” so I imagined it something like twice as strong as ecstasy or even stronger than heroin (which I never tried cause it was too risky in my mind) and I thought if I get there I will stay there all day, nothing will be important to me anymore – job, self-improvement … After I have reframed this I entered the state easily. Btw. it was not the best party I have ever been to, parties must have improved since 50tis dramaticaly. It was not even strong as quarter of ecstasy. I tried to reach it and I did but got no advice from my higher self. I was shocked, horrified. Then I realized I just need to reframe some beliefs that prevented me from getting advice. I thought since I am going to ask my higher self how to quickly fuck girls that I am dirty rotten I don’t know something and that I will abuse girls and blah blah blah. After I reframed it I had no problems. I entered that state with time limit of 15 minutes and I felt great. It was spectacular, best self-improvement I have ever tried, best by far. Everything I learned about hypnosis was from Kein. Kein discovered techniques to get to ultra-height. I forgot to mention that I forgave everyone who has done me wrong, cause it was suggested by Kein. It was really effortless and it would have taken months of doing the work or EFT or something.I can say it would take me months to fully do what I did in that 15 minutes and after that I felt so relaxed that people in tram all looked like robots to me after that.

What happened in those 15 minutes was that I have boosted my sense of self-worth partially and I have 100% gotten rid of my deep hate for women (that I think most people have in some extent deep down) for not fucking with me as much as I would like while I was a bAFC and for some other things. I had a mission to go out and hug as many girls that I know, which is what I very rarely do (I didn’t feel comfortable hugging before) and to find something beautiful in every girl I talk to. Luckily I can easily enter this state again in just 30 seconds so I can enter this state and make progress every day.

I don’t really know how you boost your sense of self-worth, it just happend like it happend that I was very relaxed. You don’t do anything, it just happens. Advice came in form of conversation for me. I would ask a question and get an answer. I have no idea what is higher self and I don’t really see it. It is not something, it is me, a part of me. I will have to say to “fuck off and listen to the product”

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Why X4 Labs Extender Works

X4 labs is a penis extender device and commonly referred to as attraction device. It was created in 1995 but a couple of researchers in Northern Europe. It’s actually been clinically proven and tested that you can actually gain size. There are very few products in the male enhancement industry that are clinically proven to work. As a result of the tests Sizegenetics has been prescribed to patients especially in Europe.

There are a lot of other extenders and knock offs but you can tell they are all based on this particular one. The device looks a little complicated at first but it’s really not at all. The base ring of course is where the penis goes through and the device comes with several bars to adjust depending on the size of your penis.

This device is awesome. They upgraded it in 2012 with a 16 point comfort system meaning there is 16 different ways you can wear the device and find the most comfortable position. This is a big reason why it sells better than other extenders on the market. If you are going to be wearing for a couple hours per day for the next few months you really want it to feel comfortable. They put a lot of thought into the design of this extender with a few revisions over the years. Learn amore about the best penis extender |

Keep in mind this device has to be worn for a decent amount of time before any changes can be seen.

It basically stretches your penis overtime and creates new cells which make it longer. It uses a spring system that creates tension. It takes about 2-3 months to see real changes. After two months I was able to gain a half inch on my boner. I was using 5 days a week and 4-5 hours a day. It is a commitment but the results are worth it. There are several ways you can buy it but the best way is to buy it online. I personally recommend the complete package. That will give you the comfort system., all the accessories, and a month supply of Male Extra which will help you see faster gains.

“I’m eating right. I think my girlfriend is banging hot. Barely masturbate. Drink enough water. No signs of stress etc. Also going through penis of steel, and heaps of other books on penis enlargement etc.

He is now struggling to make a slope higher than 90’deg by himself. Also a full inch shorter than what was last measured a couple of months ago!

Has anyone tried the PC contraction exercises, etc Has anyone gotten results?

I’m also trying Wendi’s hypnosis tapes. I don’t know about you guys but losing my man-hood pretty much makes me feel like.. losing my man-hood. I’m also looking at underwear. Maybe briefs aren’t the best way to go. Human body is not geared towards being with the same partner for prolonged times. When you are in an environment with new girls your testosterone will increase.”

Learn how to choose a top-rated penis extender |

Answer: YES

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Vigrx Plus Ingredients 2017

At the core of any popular male enhancement product’s success will be its ingredients. This should come as much of a surprise since people want the capsules to deliver results. Since they are not placebos, they will actually have to provide a reaction in the body once ingested. Different products will have different ingredients and the most effective male enhancement products will have the right blend of herbs needed for to do what the product promises. VigRX Pus currently remains one of the most popular of all male enhancement products on the market. Among the reasons why is that the bulk of the VigRx Plus ingredients do exactly what they promise they can do.  Learn about

Vigrx Plus ingredients for 2016 |

These Vigrx Plus ingredients are quite varied and they serve a great range of different purposes. Among the most impactful of the ingredients would be:

Damiana: This comes from a plant indigenous to South and Central America and has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. When absorbed into the system, it can have a tremendous effect on sexual stamina and performance.

Horny Goat Weed: Known by the official name of Epimedium, Horny Goat Weed has long since been used as a libido enhancer and it aids in enhancing the flow of blood to the penis.

Asian Red Ginseng: This is commonly found in many “brain power” supplements since it is known for its ability to improve and enhance energy levels. This root also provides support to the male reproductive system since it can aid in boosting erectile firmness.

Ginkgo Biloba: Gingko Biloba has a great many benefits associated with it which is why it is found in so many health supplements. Its presence in the VigRX ingredients is due to its ability to increase energy levels and for its potential to enhance vascular blood flow. With greater vascular blood flow, erections can become firmer according to

Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto aids in regulating the hormones in the body and also contributes to enhanced blood flow. It also aids in building muscle tissue and can improve prostrate health. Learn more about male enhancement pills |


Bioperine: Somewhat overlooked because it does not directly enhance male sexual performance, bioperine is probably the most important ingredient of all. Why is this? It serves the primary purpose of aiding the metabolism’s absorption of the various other VigRX ingredients. When the ingredients can be absorbed better, they will be able to perform their required duties in the most efficient manner. There will be those cynical consumers that will state they see many of these same VigRx Plus ingredients in other male enhancement products. That may be true since many of these ingredients are “must haves” for any male reproductive supplement to actually work. However, a proper lab process must be employed in order for the blend of ingredients to be effective. The makers of VigRX Plus understand this which is why they put a tremendous amount of effort into their proprietary blend. The results of their work are evident in the effectiveness of the finished product. Consider this the main reason why VigRX Plus remains such a consistently top selling product in the perpetually crowded world of male enhancement products. Learn more at

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Losing Weight on Six Week Body Makeover

I recently started doing the Six Week Body Makeover. You should do cardio first thing in the morning, and then wait 1 hour before you eat if you can. But then again, the important thing is that you do cardio. I recommend doing HIIT(high intensity interval training)

This is essentially what you do is alternate every 30 seconds or 1 minute between high intensity exercise and medium – low intensity exercise. The goal is to get your heart rate up to about 80-90% of your max. The great thing about this type of exercise is it keeps up your heart rate throughout the whole exercise.


The only supplements you should need when you are beginning weight loss is a multivitamin and fish oil or flax seed oil. The only way fat loss pills will help you is if you have a diet down well, and you hit a plateau where you are not losing any more weight. If you lift weights, whey protein is great after a workout!


Weightlifting is a great weight loss additive, it builds muscles, muscles burn calories, when you work yourself hard you burn calories, and after you work out your metabolism is boosted 24-48 hours! It should not replace cardio other then health reasons. I know people who work out everyday, and I know people who work out every other day, or less. Its all personal preference, although one thing holds true, you should wait at least every other day before you work the same muscle group. You can find a large amount of exercises at and many even come with a video demonstration! For some one new, a full body workout is the best option, you will put on lots of muscle mass, even while you are losing fat!

Unfortunately the two do not go hand in hand down the line and you will be forced to choose between bulking(building muscle) and cutting(losing weight especially fat) One weight lifting routine I’ve heard great things about is rippetoes. You can look at different peoples journals to get the details on the workout program, as I can’t seem to find them on the net. Dumbbells in my opinion are far superior to machines IF done correctly. If you don’t know how to properly work with dumbbells I recommend the bow flex dvd I uploaded awhile ago . I also have a workout program that came with that dvd if a few people are interested, I can scan it. One important thing about weightlifting is when you are done working out, to find a source of protein because your body will have a deficit. I personally like optimum nutrients 100% whey, it tastes good, I won’t provide a link seeing as I don’t want to look like an affiliate. Learn more about Six Week Body Makeover |

I lost 40 lbs. thanks to Paul McKenna Will Make You Thin videos from his Sky one presentation. I’ve plateaued, so I’ve started going to the gym and doing cardio to lose the last 20 lbs. that I want to lose.

1) If you’re hungry, eat. (make sure it’s not emotional hunger or you are actually thirsty,etc.)

2) Eat what you want, not what you think you should eat. (making foods forbidden makes you crave them, thus making it easier for you to binge on them)

3) Eat consciously (no trancing out stuffing chips in your face watching tv, slow down while you eat, put that fork down between bites, etc.)

4) When you are full, stop eating. (even if you have an almost full plate of food.)

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