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AdWords. I think it’s the same manual they use for SEO, natural rankings as well. It’s really interesting reading through it because you hear people saying, “You can’t do this anymore, you can’t do that anymore.” And you read through this manual and realize it’s not actually true. And really, what Google is trying to do is they’re trying to give the best possible user experience. What they don’t want to see is websites within the ranking which is just clearly affiliate review websites. That’s really not what they want to see. If you are in the fertility niche you could target long tail phrases like “increase sperm count and ejaculation”

They don’t want to see a website that’s out there; it just has 3 products on it, comparing different 3 products and reviewing them. That is like a big no-no for Google. They don’t want that, what they want is added value so if you want good ranking in Google; you want to do AdWords, paid per click with Google any of these types of things.

The kind of sites they like are these kind of these authority type sites. So if I wanted to have a successful website in the eyes of Google, it would be a website that has tons of information about the subject, very similar what we’re talking about the newsletters, has really good relationship with the readers. The type of website where people come back to see if there’s any new content or the kind of website that people would bookmark or send the URL to their friends and saying, ‘Hey, this is a great website.’ So I’ve got one of my mentoring students and they’re doing a website on VW camper fans, the old ones.

And to cite as an example, they’re building a site on that. The idea is not just to sell information products and stuff based around that niche. It’s really about creating a website that’s got really good, fantastic content on the site. They’re going out on all thes like events and they do these shows and events for VW camper vans and competitions.

She’s just going out there with her iPhone, recording audio interviews with people, taking a couple of photographs of camper vans and things, getting them transcribed, sticking them on the website, couple of pictures and it’s really up-to-date, relevant information. People are coming to the website, bookmarking the site, and getting good traffic. Google likes that because they can see there’s visitor interaction, people leaving comments. These are the types of websites that Google likes. I can see that’s where really things are changing. That’s why Google has always been known as a high quality search engine because they’re delivering good quality content. That’s also in the paid listings as well. I think that’s really where things are changing and they’re trying to weed out all of these, what they call spam, from their listings. You hear about this Penguin, Panda, and all these kind of stuff. At the end of the day if you can create good quality content that delivers really good added value, you’re going to make money because people would trust you, Google would like you because they know that you’re offering good content that’s relevant, that’s adding value, and you sell products and Google will also rank you well, as well.

Absolutely yes, I’d agree with that. I would endorse to produce relevant content and you won’t go far wrong. If you try and give people rubbish, you’ll lose your ranking in Google and that’s it. So we’re kind of just over the hour now and I’m aware that we’ve kept you from your family. I guess we’ll just close the topic of this interview and I’m sure that our listeners will find your comments and your tips extremely interesting and helpful as I have. So on behalf of everyone, Sarah, I would love to thank you for your time today and also your honesty in sharing some of your innermost secrets and tips. I believe one of the key attributes in business is to demonstrate total honesty and integrity. And that Sarah, I’m delighted to say is where I would put you.

Thank you very much. No problem at all. It’s been great talking! So finally is there anything else you’d like to share to our listeners before we sign off?

Yeah, I’ve got loads of free training videos and content on my main website that I’m sure you’d provide a link below the audio interview. But if you’re hearing the audio interview in your iPod or something, you can go to and you spell my surname with two A’s. So that’s S-T-A-A-R. So and you can go there and there are loads of free training videos and all sorts of different things and especially what we’ve talked about today. Lots and lots of info and lots and lots of content. Ah great! Yes, so once again thank very much Sarah for giving us the opportunity to talk to you and we wish you a very good afternoon. Thank you very much!

Update: Every large newspaper has special-interest sections. There are sections for Food, Homes,Sports, Churches & Religion, Entertainment, and a few dozen other interests. You should learn the associate editor’s name for each of these sections, and then aim your appropriate story accordingly. But don’t expect to get into “Parade” or “USA Today” by writing to the local paper. Even though these magazines appear in your local Sundayedition, they are syndicated national publications, and you must go directly to those editors to get the much wider coverage. But think big. They need good copy, just like your local editor does. And once you get printed in a national magazine, your fortune is automatically made! Same holds true if you can get picked-up by one of the newswire services. AP, lNS, UPI, Reuters and the others. You can 2nd them listed in your local library under “News and Publicity” directories.

Okay, thank you! Bye, bye!


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