If you are looking for a method that gives real results that are not only tangible but also permanent, then you need to look into penis extenders. One of the best ones on the market is called Male Edge.


Male Edge is one of the most trusted penis extenders because it not only works, but it is also safe. There have been many clinical trials done that have proven that MaleEdge will give you real results without sacrificing your health or injure your penis. That is if you are using the product correctly, according to the guidelines that the creators of MaleEdge have set for using their device.

How It Works

Male Edge works through a process that is called penis traction. In penis traction, you are slowly stretching out your penis. As you stretch it out, microscopic tears in the tissue of the penis occur, which cause the cells to regenerate in order to repair these tears. So little by little, you are actually building penis tissue. It is a slow process, but after about a half a year, you will definitely notice a real change not only in the length of your penis, but in the girth as well, which results from the fact that you now have more penis tissue then you had originally.

Penis Traction

Male Edge works through a process that is called penis traction. In this process, you are stretching your penis out, and as you stretch the penis out little by little every day, you are causing microscopic and painless tears in the tissue of your penis. However, cells are regenerated in order to heal up these tears, and what is happening is that you are building penis tissue. So really, when you are using MaleEdge, you are increasing the size of your penis by increasing the amount of penis tissue that you have.

In order to be safe, it needs to be a gradual process, that is why you need patience if you want to use Male Edge. Stretching your penis to the point of pain will not speed up the process, it will only hurt you. But if you take your time and gradually do the stretching exercises every day, in about six months, you will have a guaranteed increase in both length and girth.

And as stated earlier, this change is permanent. You will always have a longer penis than you had before using Male Edge. Of course, this process is gradual, that is why it is safe. If you try to increase the rate at which you stretch and stretch your penis more than you are supposed to, you will not be speeding up the process; you will only be injuring yourself potentially. But if you follow the program that is recommended by the creators of Male Edge, you will see real progress and a real increase in penis size without risking any injury or health complications.

Increase Your Length and Girth

The problem with many penis enlargement methods is that they are not really permanent. Many of them just give you a temporarily larger penis or the illusion of having a larger penis.

Many of the penis pills and pumps on the market increase blood flow going to the penis and enable you to get a harder and larger erection when you are having sex. However, once your erection goes down, you will notice that your penis is the same size that it was before you started using the pills and that there was no real change to the size of your penis overall. Learn more at http://male-enhancement-report.com

Permanent Results

However, there are products that can permanently and truly increase the size of your penis. Penis extenders are such products. And one of the best and most reliable penis extenders on the market is Male Edge. Male Edge is one of the most trusted penis extenders because it has been proven to work, and not only that but to work safely.

There have been many clinical trials administered to the device, and it has passed all of them with flying colors. If you are using MaleEdge in the way that it was intended to be used, you are guaranteed to see a permanent increase in the size of your penis without risking any injuries whatsoever.

That is really what you need to be looking for most when you are looking for the best method of penis enlargement on the market. You need a product that is not only effective but safe as well. Sure, a surgery can increase the size of your penis in a matter of days, but is it worth the risk? Your penis is a very sensitive organ, and any type of surgery in that area is potentially dangerous. The risks of infections and nerve damage are plentiful. Not only that, but surgeries cost thousands of dolls


You can buy a Male Edge device for less than 150 dollars, and with it, you get lubricants, DVDs of penis exercises, and many other accessories that serve to make the process as simple as possible. Learn more at http://pommettmark.doomby.com