Are you looking for a Nantucket wedding photographer? I’ve written on this topic before but thought this deserved its own page for easy reference. Most brides will look at a lot of wedding photographer’s sites before making a decision about who to contact. Many couples aren’t sure what kind of things should be considered and factored into decision making.

Speaking as a professional Nantucket wedding photographer, it breaks my heart to hear a bride say that she realized after receiving her photographs that she didn’t put enough thought into her photographer before the wedding.

This day is not one that can be recreated. Sadly, you cannot go back and fix those “if only I’d …” situations. I hope this article will help you think about the person(s) you put in charge of documenting your wedding, and ultimately help you make the best choice when it comes time to make that decision. In the end, you’re hiring for a service, so service is what you better get!

Inspiration & Style

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When shopping for a Nantucket wedding photographer, it is extremely important to take into account that person’s particular photography style. For example are their images filled with people at a distance?

How do they use colors and filters to set the mood or evoke a feeling in the photos? Do the images they market with and provide to you impress you? (I have yet to meet anyone who wanted to show off wedding or event photos that didn’t represent their business well!) Consider Nantucket wedding photographer, Terry Pommett.

Once you’ve identified their style, does it coincide with yours? Do you feel like the images express emotion, or appeal to you personally? The wedding photographer you choose should be able to capture the event in the way you envisioned it, to the extent possible. Ask questions if you have particular poses and ideas in mind – see if they are willing to work with you. If they’re not, you’ll probably want to keep looking. Which leads me to …


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A good wedding photographer will want to collaborate with the bride and groom on the wedding day to get the best shots possible, and help ensure the clients are comfortable and have a good time. He or she will be following you throughout one of the most important days of your life – you should like them!

I really strive to give a couple a great overall experience, from day one when we first sit down to meet, to the big day itself and afterward, when you receive your finished product. This day is not about the diva photographer – it’s about the bride and groom! Speaking as a bride myself, I can wholly appreciate a photographer with a helpful, fun personality and good attitude – especially when things get bumpy. Learn more at

Technical Proficiency

Not everyone who picks up a camera knows how to use it. Make sure the person you choose has consistent and pleasing results. Take a good look at their images again. Do skin tones look good? Can you see the details in the dress? Are the blacks black? Are portions of the photo over exposed or underexposed?

Similarly, not everyone has the experience to handle what can be stressful wedding situations, and this is another reason you want to choose a professional over a friend or family member (or even a student in training). Finally, all of the best technical know-how in the world won’t substitute for someone who has an eye for photography. You’d be better off with a seasoned pro with a disposable point-and-shoot than someone who has all the high-end equipment gadgets, but no creative eye for photography.

Packages & Pricing

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A wedding photographer’s packages and pricing can be confusing but think of them as a starting point. Every bride is different and every wedding will have different needs. I encourage my brides to ask questions and to find the package (or arrange a package) that best fits their needs. It is so much better to ask questions now than to be shocked later!  Check out the best Nantucket Wedding Photographer at

Also, when shopping for photographers, be sure to ask about “hidden” costs. Will there be overtime fees if the cake cutting goes late, travel expenses, or charges for online gallery hosting? Similarly, it’s wise to ask about retouching images. ALL of my images are reviewed and edited in some way, but not all photographers include this service so it’s wise to ask in advance.