Vimax is a well known in the supplement market, and have been selling their flagship brand enlargement pill since 1998. They have significantly improved their website since my prior glance at the sales portal, and they have also recently positively improved their product to a 1/day supplement instead of 3x/day. Learn more in my full Vimax review.

About Vimax

That having been said, the shipment was recieved quickly and the quality of packaging was well done. I was actually surprised at how fast the pills arrived – and I was able to punt them on to the reviewer fast. The product was shipped via UPS the same day as the order was placed. The reviewer was excited to get his hands on these “new tryouts” and he was initially put off by the smell/flavour of the pills. I hadn’t had any experiences with reports of odd odored supplements before, but he indicated that they were certainly ‘different smelling’. Despite the initial “culinary” problems he was actually quite satisfied with his growth/effects that were positive.

Product Arrival and Properties

The pills arrived via UPS quite quickly. The bottle was white with a nondescript blue and white label. The box was very well packed. The bottles were safety sealed and packed with cotton to prevent movement during shipping.

The only issue with the physical properties I have is the odd/flavor odor that the pills have. I cannot put my finger on matching the flavor – but it seems quite strange. I believe it comes from the capsule material and is a moot point regardless since you barely notice it after a day or two.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with Vimax, you may return the bottle(s) within 2 months and receive a full 100% refund including shipping. No questions asked. They have an online form for submitting return claims and the process appears to be quite easy.

I telephoned the support line to verify the guarantee and this 2-month total satisfaction guarantee was confirmed by an agent named Maria.

Main Ingredients

  • Mura Puama
  • Deer Antler Velvet
  • Ginko Leaf
  • Damiana
  • Cayenne

Results (From Tester)

In the first month of the testing cycle I saw mediocre growth lengthwise, and minimal girth. By the second month, my erections were firmer and the my sex drive was raging like crazy. I began to see significant gains in this time period and was very surprised.

During months 3-6 the steady gains continued and by the end of the test cycle, I had a significantly thicker penis and some added length. I feel that my erections are extremely hard and I have more sexual energy There were no apparent side effects throughout my test, and I had good results – in my opinion Vimax is a fantastic performing supplement.

Score / Overall

The score given to Vimax was 4.0/5.0 stars overall. The gains were excellent and the reviewer felt that there were no side effects or issues. It appears that the supplements are also made with an attention to “natural ingredients”, which is quite important to a lot of people (and myself) in today’s world. This supplement is recommended for use as a penis growth product, and a sexual enhancement supplement. It far exceeds the penis pill standards level we have set at