Penis pumps are used for both length and girth increase. Many people that pump will vouch for its effectiveness. However, pumping poses more risk for damage to the penis than manual stretching or jelqing, as you have more control over the pressure exerted by your hands than on the pressure exerted by the pump. Be extremely observant and careful if you do decide to perform pumping on your penis.

About Vacuum Pumps

First thing to do would be to buy a penis pump. When choosing a penis pump, pay attention to the following:

  • Pay attention when choosing a tube size – too big and your balls will get sucked in; too small and it won’t allow for your penis to grow
  • Choose one that has a pressure gauge so you can control the pressure, for safety reasons
  • Choose one that has a pressure relief valve to avoid putting too much pressure on your penis (a pressure relieve valve is a safety device that starts depressurizing the cylinder with a flick of your finger) – again, for safety reasons. You can learn more about pumps at

How To Use A Penis Pump

All penis pumps sold from this website meet all of the above requirements.  I haven’t personally used them but some of the guys I’ve talked to have achieved pretty solid gains using these pumps.  So feel free to give them a try.

Before you begin pumping, check the part of your pubic area that will be making contact with the pump cylinder. Shave hair from that part to ensure a good seal.

Immediately before each pumping session, be sure to perform the warm-up exercise (i.e. hot-wrap), unless you had been jelqing immediately before pumping. If you don’t warm up you risk bruising or a thrombosis (i.e. clotting) of a lymph vessel or vein.

Warming Up

Stroke your penis to a semi-erect or fully-erect state. Then, apply a lubrication (such as Vaseline) in the area that will be making contact with the tube, for a better seal. Slip on the pump and pressurize it slowly until you are slightly uncomfortable but NOT in any pain whatsoever, and keep it on for about 10 minutes. During this time you can sit down to watch tv or surf the net.

After 10 minutes, depressurize and remove the tube, and gently massage your penis with lubrication for at least 3 minutes to get blood circulation going again, then put the pump back on for another 10 minutes. Repeat until you lose your erection according to It is crucial to give your penis at least a 3-minute break in between 10-minute pumping sessions. Also, do NOT increase the pressure to the point of pain. More time or more pressure will not give you more gains. You risk permanent irreversible injury to your penis if you’re not extremely careful.

If at any point during pumping you feel pain – stop and rest for a couple of days and try again. If you still feel pain after the couple of days, go see your doctor without further delay. If you see blisters or a donut-shaped ring on your skin from the pumping, cease all pumping activity until the blisters/ring completely heals. If you want to increase girth it is recommended that you consider a penis pump |

After Penis Pumping

After the pumping session, warm down with another hot-wrap to get the circulation going again in your penis.

It is important to note that, after each use, you should thoroughly clean the tube with hot water and a bit of dishwashing liquid or liquid hand soap. Also, give the tube a quick rinse right before the next use.

If you do experience a thrombosis of a lymph vessel or a vein, cease all pumping for several weeks until the clot has fully disappeared. Do not massage or squeeze the clot, and it should go away on its own. Continuing to pump, massage or squeeze the clot will keep it from healing.

Lastly, same as for manual exercises, you need to take at least a 2-day break from pumping every week to allow your penis to heal. Otherwise, you risk hurting your penis, without any additional gains in size.