To say that there are more than a few products on the market today that are being marketed as the best way to enlarge the penis would be an understatement of the century. Namely, there are quite a few companies out there that are well-aware that men are always concerned with the size of their penis and that they would do anything to gain a few inches or at least one.

However, when you do your research, you find out that they simply cannot back it all up with any conclusive data and that you can never find the mechanism of action of these products explained in detail. Not SizeGenetics. Here, you will learn exactly how SizeGenetics works and how it increases your penis in size.

How SizeGenetics Works

SizeGenetics is placed in the following way. You attach a base of the device around the base of your organ. It is padded for comfort. Then, you put on a ring that goes all the way around the tip of your penis. Next, two rods connect these two parts and these rods actually apply the force that is used to slowly but steadily enlarge your penis.

This follows the simple principle of mild stretching which ultimately results in an increase in size. You can observe this same principle being applied to other parts of the body both in traditional cultures from Africa and Asia and in western medicine in elongation of the extremities. We will now explain how this stretching, or traction, works towards enlarging your penis.

When your penis is being stretched, it is your muscles that are taking the brunt of it. When cells in the muscle tissue are being stretched they are elongated and they are torn on a microscopic level. This leads to cell division and also to the creation of certain empty spaces which are then filled by newly-created cells. This way, it is not simple stretching that will settle back to the old size once the stretching is discontinued. This way, the results are permanent and you are left with a bigger penis. Learn about what you get with SizeGenetics.

Big Gains In 4-6 Months

It goes without saying that this is a process that takes some time and you will need to commit to wearing SizeGenetics at least half a year in order to notice the results. Also, it will need to be done for 6 hours daily at least. However, the results are guaranteed by a number of different independent studies and clinical trials that have shown that the increase in size is definitive.

And if that is not worth some effort and some time, then we do not know what is. The chance to finally get a bigger penis and also a penis that is functioning better thanks to the fresh new tissue that is formed is something that no one should miss, especially those men who are not satisfied with how big their penis is.

My SizeGenetics Experience

This was my story until two years ago. I was in college and I was actually getting quite a lot of action. I learned how to not mind it so much and I learned that technology can go a long way.

Still, I wanted at least another inch to contribute to the performance. That is when this guy I met in a class of some kind told me straight open that it is his penis extender machine when I asked him about this strange thing in his room. I never heard of fit before, but I liked what I heard. It was called SizeGenetics and he got it about half a year before. He gained more than an inch in those six months. I was sold. I ordered my own device and as soon as it came, I put it on. Learn more at

I wanted to detail my regimen as closely as I could and I started taking a journal with my measurements and with all the other numbers – how long I wore it, did I skip any days, did I do the exercises, for how long, etc.

Soon, I started noticing that the numbers started to rise and that I was slowly gaining in size. In six months I was .9 inches longer. I so wanted an inch. It came in just a month more. In a year, I was up by 1.2 inches and by the second year I gained 2.1 inches. I cannot explain how this made me feel except with the words from the title – SizeGenetics has changed my life. It is as simple as that.