In this article, I want to show you the SizeGentics penis extender and a new improved 16-way comfort system that comes with it.

About SizeGenetics

This is an extender device or a traction device as they call it. It was founded in 1995 by a group of researchers in Northern Europe. It’s actually been clinically proven and tested you can actually gain size with the device. Very few products in the male enhancement industry are clinically tested proven to work. There are a lot of other studies and knockoffs but you can tell that they’re all based off Sizegenetics. It’s one of the best extenders I have used to date.

Using Your SizeGenetics

The device looks a little complicated at first but it’s really not at all. The SizeGenetics device is awesome. They’ve they’ve updated the device in 2012 and now have a 16-way comfort system.

This means there are 16 different ways you can actually wait to buy it so you can find the one that’s most comfortable for you. It’s definitely a big part of why I recommend SizeGenetics over other extenders in the market.  If you’re going to be wearing this a couple hours a day for the next few months then you really do want it to be comfortable.

You’re supposed to wear this about four to eight hours a day. However, it really depends on the individual and also how much you want to gain and how fast. When you put it on it, it essentially forces the head of the penis away.

So essentially it stretches it and over time create creates new cells making the penis long longer. It’s basically a spring system that puts tension on the head of the penis.

Most people look at this and assume it’s uncomfortable but you’d actually be surprised. They put a lot of time into the design of this extender and have done a few revisions of it the past couple of years. Like you said earlier, they introduced the 16-way comfort system. Make sure to check out my other SizeGenetics penis extender review.


Keep in mind that this is the device you have to wear for a decent amount of time to see any significant size. It takes at least a month but usually two to three months for any larger gains.

I’ve worn it for just over two months and I’ve gotten about half an inch in length gains and minor girth gains. That’s wearing it five days per week between four and five hours a day. It is a commitment but the results are worth it. Learn more at

There are many penis extending devices on the market but Sizegenetics has become increasingly popular and with very good reason! The quality of the materials used to construct the device, great pricing, great marketing and fantastic results all add up to produce a winning formula for Sizegenetics.

It is slowly gaining dominant market share and its name brand has become synonymous with large penises. The device currently has the top standing in the United States and will likely become the top selling device in the world by the end of the year.


This is hands down the best product I’ve found so far for anyone who wants to see some serious length gains. I personally recommend the complete package that will give you the comfort system and all those extra goodies.

Also, it will give you a month supply of Male Extra supplements. When that’s used in conjunction with SizeGenetics, you will see even faster gains. The complete package comes to about three hundred eighty dollars but it’s worth it when you compare the costs to the results. Learn more at

It also comes with a Penis Health DVD which is essentially different manual exercises to help to help with your length and girth gains.