The Jes Extender remains the one and only safe and reliable penis extender device that achieves its miracles using traction as its base. It employs the trick that when a part of the skin is stretched for a long time, the skin cells multiply and divide, and the skin retains its stretched position after some stretching. Using the Jes Extender, you could get to increase the penis size in length as well as in girth.

This remains the ideal option for those looking for alternatives to surgery which could be quite painful and is not known to yield cent per cent results every time.  The Jes Extender device could be used beneath the pants or trousers without it being obvious in any manner. You don’t even need to consult a physician before using Jes Extender.

Using Jes Extender gets the user achieve the desired ends without resorting to the penis elongating pills in the market. These pills often have some really ugly side-effects, and they are not always effective. The success could be gauged by the testimonials and reviews given by our satisfied customers on the official website. Check out my full JES Extender review.

Uses Of Jes Extender

Proper use and efficient results with the Jes Extender are closely related. Ultimately, results depend on the amount of traction you can tolerate, and the number of hours you have it on. The Jes Extender is absolutely safe to use. It also becomes a reliable remedy for disorders as Peyronie´s Disease. While there are a number of other remedies available, using the Jes-Extender could get you an elongated penis as well.The device was invented by doctors at the company in 1995. It has been widely used by urologists and physicians ever since for the treatment of medical disorders related to a short penis.

Where To Buy

The official website is the ideal place to buy the Jes-Extender. The painless and easy to use the device for penis elongation is available on the internet. It has served the needs of more than 250,00 customers.

There has been an overwhelming response at the company’s website which remains the only place to buy the device from.  The availability of the device over the internet has made it available to the public all over the world. People in the US enjoy its use, while customers in India have also reported success with the Jes Extender as it adds more than 3 inches to the length. Learn more at

Is Jes Extender A Scam?

The first question that comes to the mind is if all this is true. There have been products of all kinds in the market, and each has boasted to be able to work miracles, but it has failed to prove itself. The Jes Extender goes over its earlier variants and delivers the results it boats. There have been all kinds of tests to prove this.

You could be sure when something is backed and supported by clinical trials. Participants at the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery have claimed that their penis size zoomed up by as much as 28 percent, while others have reported an extension of 40 percent in the length and girth of the penis when they have used the Jes Extender.

On an average, an increment of 1.9 mm or 0.75 inches was discovered within a week. This would be more rewarding considering that no side-effects were reported.

 The Side-Effects

All health products have some side-effects to make up for the benefits they lend to the user. Till date, there have been no instances of the Jes Extender firing back on the user in any manner. The company has worked really hard to produce a product that would give its users only pleasure and comfort without any undesirable side-effects.

The slight discomfort that users might have to put on with could be because the boy takes some time to get accustomed to a change.  This is the case with all novelty the body is introduced to, but the slight discomfort is really worth it. It has been successful with almost 90 percent of its users.