Penis enlargement is something most men dream about. For some, it is only a fleeting thought of how nice it would be to have a penis that is just a bit bigger. For others, however, it is a burning issue and something that they are seriously contemplating to do.

Of course, these men want an option that is going to be safe but that is also going to be effective. To this day, there are only two penis enlargement options that have been proven to be effective – penis enlargement surgery and penis extenders. In this article, we will be comparing these two options when it comes to their efficiency, their safety, and their price.

When we are talking about efficiency, it is important to remember that these are the only two options for penis enlargement that have been found effective. However, it also needs to be said that these two options have two very different satisfaction rates.

Penis Extenders Are Safer and Better

Namely, out of all the men who have been to penis enlargement surgery, only about 35% are completely satisfied. On the other hand, more than 90% of men who used penis extenders and completed the recommended regimen have said that they are perfectly satisfied. It seems that penis enlargement surgery is not as satisfactory as people think that it will be. Learn how to choose a top-rated penis extender |

When we are talking about safety, it is quite obvious that penis extenders are going to win. However, it is important to explain why this is. Well, for one, penis enlargement surgery is surgery and that speaks volumes. If you did not know, even when the most complex and dangerous surgeries are in question, the riskiest part is anesthesia.

And in order to undergo penis enlargement surgery, you need to go under. Of course, there are other risks involved with surgery, which are too many to even list here. On the other hand, in the 15 and more years that penis extenders have been on the market, there haven’t been any reports of any damage done to the penis or anything else.

When prices are concerned, things are even clearer. Penis enlargement surgery costs more than a few thousand dollars which will all have to be paid by you. Unfortunately, health insurance covers this type of surgery. On the other hand, even the most expensive penis extenders do not come even close to a thousand dollars.

How To Use A Penis Extender

Everything that you put in your body or put on your body needs to be used properly. You can suffer from adverse effects if you do not use even the most common of medications properly. The same goes for medical devices and anything else that is meant to either treat a condition or bring about certain benefits. Penis extenders fall into this category and it is crucial that you know how to use these devices properly.

Of course, you will get plenty of instruction with your penis extenders when you order them. However, there are a few things that we think you should know beforehand. If you find this too tasking, then you should probably refrain from ordering penis extenders in the first place. Learn more at

Length of Time

First of all, you need to realize that you will be wearing your penis extender for a long period of time. And for long periods of time every day. The manufacturers of all the leading and most popular penis extenders all agree that these devices should be worn six hours minimum every day for the minimum of six months. Of course, no one is going to prevent you from giving up on your penis extender, but it would be best to use the device for at least 6 months before you give up on it. Also, if you wish to wear it for longer, you should do so as it will even improve the results.

However, you do not start right away with six hours per day. In fact, for the first couple of weeks, you are slowly increasing the time. You will be starting from an hour or two and gradually going up to six hours and more. In addition to this, most of the penis extenders have adjustable traction force. This means that you can apply more or less force to your penis. It depends on what you wish to achieve and how long into your regimen you are. Once again, you start off with the lowest setting and then slowly increase it. Learn more at


The good news is that you will be able to wear your penis extender under your clothes without anyone noticing. However, you should still refrain from wearing anything especially tight as there are limits. Also, you should never go to sleep with your penis extender on unless it is one of the models that can be worn during the night. This is because, during the night, you might experience unwanted erections that might be hurtful while wearing your device.

With your penis extender, you will most likely also get a DVD with exercises that you can do to enhance the results. These exercises are not required in order to achieve the results, but with these exercises, you can further increase the size of your penis and start having stronger and harder erections as well.