In this article, I discuss why a penis extender is the best option for permanent male enhancement. Would it be nice to look in the mirror every day and be impressed by the reflection?

There are a number of ways that guys try to make their penis larger, but the only really proven way that works consistently is through penis stretching.

It isn’t an easy process: you’ve got to wear a device for several months in order to see results. If you’re willing to go through the effort, however, the reward at the end of the process is a noticeably larger penis!

How To Wear A Penis Extender

For many guys, penis extenders are avoided because wearing them throughout the day is rather difficult. There are certainly a few guys who can work at home during the day, wear the extender for the recommended amount of time, and be satisfied with the entire experience!

Most guys, however, need to work in a professional environment and the idea of having a stretcher protruding from their clothing is at best uncomfortable.

How can you wear penis extenders for up to 8 hours per day without needing to wear them at work? There are a few ways you can make this happen:

  • you could wear the penis extenders during your commute and while at home before going to bed at night;
  • you could wear the extender exclusively at night with a device that can move as you move and then add extra time during the weekends if you fall short;
  • you can wear the extender whenever you have extra time because the results are cumulative.

What this means is that you don’t have to wear the extender for 8 hours straight! As long as you get 8 hours of penis stretching in every day for a period of a few months, most guys will begin to see some very noticeable results! Sometimes results can be seen in just a few weeks!

Why Penis Extenders Are Effective

The primary reason why stretching your penis works is the same reason why stretching your muscles can help to relieve pain and tension. You’re elongating the tissues and as this process is repeated over a period of time, a guy’s body begins to adapt to the new requirements for cell division in growth. 

As more time goes by, the length and girth will continue to grow so that 2 inches or more of length can be obtained when the penis extenders are used according to their instructions.

If you really want to add some extra size, then you should definitely try penis extenders and give your chosen one a fair chance for success. You’re going to need patience during this process and maybe even some support from your partner if you choose to wear the device at night!

The outcome, which is a bigger penis, better sex, and more control during sex is well worth the effort that is put forth to achieve your wanted results.

How Do Penis Extenders Work

When you’re having a conversation about stretching your penis, what you’re really doing is having a discussion about your Corpora Cavernosa. Your penis is made up of three chambers that expand and contract based on the hormones and blood flow that you’ve triggered during periods of arousal.

When you’re stretching, what you’re doing is encouraging your erectile tissues to grow naturally through the use of cell division.

Does that mean it is safe? Absolutely!

Not every method of stretching may be safe, however, so be sure to take care of your due diligence before starting any exercise or putting on any device like an extender. Here are our recommendations:

  • Look for a device that is medically approved and lab tested.
  • Find a device that allows you to calibrate it to your specific penis shape and size because let’s face it: small, medium, and large just don’t quite work!
  • Utilize an exercise or device that will give your penis light traction and pressure that is consistent.

Although you can achieve results through exercise because it also stretches your penis, it takes time and practice to get the right stretching movements down. Because there is added risk when you make just one wrong move, our recommendation is to seek out a high-quality medical device like a penis extender.

Do Penis Extenders create Permanent Results?

The growth that your penis enlarger provides will be permanent growth. The penis enlarger provides both micro and macroscopic change to the size of your penis, which enlarges it over time, giving you natural extra inches for the rest of your life.

It’s true that some people utilizing Penis Extenders have been able to make their penises up to 40% larger. That means if you started out with a 7-inch penis you would then have a 10-inch penis! Learn about do penis extenders work |

What Results can your Penis Extender give you?

How much your erect and flaccid penis grow does not depend on the original size of the man wearing it. 95% of patients have found that they grow, on average, .4283 and .5163 in their erect penis and .4173 and .5495 in their flaccid penis each and every month of steady use.

Erect penile length increases occur at a more uniform pace than flaccid increases in length. Age is also not a factor when it comes to increasing the size of your penis.

Of course, penile traction devices will also make your penis thicker, as well as longer, when both erect and flaccid. Length isn’t all that increases, as the X4 Labs penis extender was found to increase length by 33% and girth by 35% by using the process of penile traction to enlarge the penises’ internal cavities.

Why Is Choosing a High-Quality Medical Device So Important?

It’s all about the amount of pressure that is being applied to your penis when you’re attempting to stretch out the tissues. If you’ve got too little pressure applied to your penis, then you’re basically just wasting your time. If you put too much pressure on one side instead of the other side, then you can end up creating a malformed penis that will need further corrective efforts! Too much pressure and you could end up severely injuring yourself!

A high-quality medical device is specifically designed to constantly apply the right amount of pressure and still adapt to the changing circumstances that you face during the day.

You’ll want one with a comfort strap and memory foam to reduce chafing and the discomfort that comes from wearing a device all day long. If you feel any discomfort or pain, then stop immediately and readjust your device!

When performed correctly, penis stretching is a very effective way of increasing both penis size and girth. Look for penis extenders that meet the above qualifications so that you can have the best, pain-free experience possible!