Many men feel that a larger penis is necessary to please their sexual partner. The ‘normal’ penis is three to five inches when not erect. When erect it will be five to seven inches. A penis is not considered small unless it is less than three inches when not erect.

There probably is not a man that does not wish his penis was larger. Centuries of penis enlargement attempts have proven to be fruitless. There have been creams, pills, stretching devices and surgery. Some of these will add to the problem by causing erectile dysfunction. Penis enlargement pills are the most frequently advertised, but still have their risks.

Men who believe their penises are too small need to realize that they are not looking at their penis at a good angle. Most men who feel their penis is too small are wrong. One of the things that increases the doubt of adequate size is being overweight. The solution to that is to lose weight. The weight loss will expose an increased amount of the shaft, thus making the penis appear larger. Liposuction is another ‘cure’ for a small penis can be performed. Removing the belly fat around the penis will expose more of the shaft. Weight loss is a lot less painful and less expensive

Several penis enlargement pills have been pulled from the market because of their side effects. They have been shown to cause a severe drop in blood pressure. There are still some available all over the internet and in radio and television advertisements. Often some herbal remedies do address the cause instead of masking symptoms. Herbal remedies are sometimes preferred over pharmaceuticals due to the decrease in side effects. In either case, it is important to check with your physician before taking either pharmaceuticals or herbals. Some herbal remedies will cause a severe drop in blood pressure when combined with prescription medications. Learn about do penis extenders work |

Consider the things that these ‘remedies’ can cure. First of all, they do not enlarge the penis. What they do is improve a man’s ability to have an erection and in some cases will allow an erection to last longer, thus improving performance in the man’s opinion.

Many men rush out to buy the latest penis enlargement pills because they believe that the advertisers are telling them that the size matters. If they consulted their partners, they could take the partner out to dinner rather than spending the money on penis enlargement pills.

Prescription pills are prescribed to improve erectile dysfunction, not to enlarge the penis. Being able to distinguish the difference in cause and effect can save the man a good bit of money. Pills such as Viagra and Cialis are prescribed for men who have erectile dysfunction due to other medical conditions. Diabetes can result in erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone can also result in erectile dysfunction. Rather than penis enlargement pills testosterone may help with the latter. Diabetes E.D. will most likely require prescription medication.

If you read reviews of penis enlargement pills that are given by medical doctors, you will notice that they say the advertised pill will increase hardness and longer lasting erections, thus seemingly improving sexual stamina. Rarely, if ever, will they say it makes the penis larger. Stamina may be the goal for many men who reach an erection and climax too quickly for their pleasure or their partners. For this problem, some of the pills can be effective. They many not cure the problem, but men will feel they have improved their performance by being able to last longer.

Before purchasing and taking penis enlargement pills, it is important to read some reviews and do some homework. Other men have tried them and if they work or do not work, they are still eager to express their views on their performance.