The 17 Day Diet, created by Dr. Moreno, is a cycled eating plan which alters the levels of proteins, carbs, and fats you eat every couple of days. The diet consists of four phases, each designed to accomplish a specific goal. These goals consist of, burning fat, altering your metabolic rate, and teaching you how to eat properly and control the amount of food you do eat.

4 Phases of the Diet

The diet consists of four phases, each with a specific goal. A quick look at them below:

  • Accelerate – This is the rapid weight loss phase of the diet. It helps cleanse the body of fat, while discouraging future fat gain.
  • Activate – This confuses your metabolic system to promote more rapid fat loss.
  • Achieve – This phase teaches you how to eat properly and how to pick out healthy foods.
  • Arrive – This combines all the previous phases, while allowing you some treats on the weekends.

A 17 minute exercise routine is also included as a part of the diet as well as tips to help you stay on track. Check out the 17 day diet at

Advantages Of The 17 Day Diet

  • The idea of cycling what you eat and how you eat it, has shown great potential for speeding up weight loss.
  • Everything is super organized and very easy to understand
  • Teaches you how to eat healthy
  • Diet is sold nationwide, book is easily found in retailers

Disadvantages Of The 17 Day Diet

During the diet you will be avoiding sugar, processed foods, fried foods, and other generally unhealthy foods. It will also train your body to want healthy foods when it’s hungry such as, turkey, asparagus, and other healthy foods.

Some great tips to help avoid the weight you tend to gain around the holidays is also included. You’re encouraged to eat a healthy meal before you go out to holiday  parties or other occasions where you would be tempted to eat unhealthy items. Once at a party be sure to eat light and pick out the healthy items. Avoid eating desserts and other sugary items. Check out 17 day diet at

During each phase of the diet you will be eating different types of healthy foods. These can be time consuming to prepare yourself at times. However, if you are short on time but still want to participate in the 17 Day diet then you do have another option. BistroMD has teamed up with the 17 Day Diet to provide the required meals. You can simply order and receive everything you need for meals to complete this diet.


The 17 Day Diet was created to help you lose weight quickly. The plan was initially only designed to help you lose holiday weight but has shown itself to be effective all year long. The different phases of the diet work great to take pounds off fast while also teaching you how to avoid putting them back on once you finish the diet.

Due to its nature of quick weight loss, the weight may not always stay off afterwards. It works great in the short term, and if you are disciplined it will work great for you even longer.