Let’s talk about the 17 Day Diet. There isn’t scientific evidence that clearly points out one can only consume X amount of protein for it to be effective BUT, since we carry on with our lives as usual it isn’t very practical to just eat one 1KG steak now is it? Or do you always bring that to work? No, that is why you divide it into multiple meals, when you workout everyday you also need to account for pre and post meals which need to be seperate to get the maximum out of your workout, again that is two meals.

Sure, you can do 4meals a day, but it has been proven that your body (if working out intense) needs a constant stream of nutrients, something which cannot be achieved through four meals or so, aside from extreme impracticallities that occur if you suddenly need 3500kcal in 4meals. Aside from that, 5-7meals is most optimal for you blood sugar as countless of researches have pointed out but I’m sure that since you find it so entertaining to waste your time on browsing through the internet to find sources that argue against findings mentioned by other members you will find something. Which, to me, is sad, really. Check out the 17 day diet at http://sundowndivers.org/?p=70

Fasting on the 17 Day Diet

Actually, having regular fasting times is WAY more beneficial than that. It increases insulin sensitivity, induces autophagy of erronous cells, induces life prolonging changes, leads to increased HGH, does not have an effect on training results, increases the protein synthesis effect of later on ingested protein…

Guys, this isnt just “A little research” this is the groundbreaking shit that has been coming for over 15 years now. Don’t spout the stuff from the 70s if you haven’t read the edgy stuff from the 2000s yet, which is slowly killing mainstream opinion.

Really don’t feel like looking up all the researches to confirm MY statements but aside from that. 5-7meals is WAY more practical if you need large kcal. intakes (3500+) otherwise eating meals would take you forever and it would be way less practical. Point is that this schedule works perfect for me personally atm.

However, I will look into the leanmass philosophy in more detail when I have time, it looks very interesting. Do you guys recommand any other stuff from similar guys, I always enjoy reading more about nutrition/weight training. Untill then, I stay with the more ‘oldschool’ approach. Check out 17 day diet at http://consumerscompare.org/17-day-diet-review/.

Glad you could get some value out of this. Never stop learning and don’t attach yourself too much emotionally to models. If you need a fitness trainer in Los Angeles then check out http://marinaathleticclub.com

And the energy intake thing depends. Most people don’t have to eat a lot. On the contrary, most want to lose fat. But of course some need a lot and some are better of with big meals, some with small.

Well small surplus on workout days, maintenance or below on OFF days. This however depends on your partitioning ratio. Until the book comes out there are no hard numbers. So you’ll have to try yourself. Most important variable is the gaining of relative strength (good indicator of lean mass gains). Ratios of BW to weigh gain on his site.