t is my assertion upon taking the Six Week Body Make Over that at the same caloric intake body composition IS affected dramatically by the ratio of fats proteins and carbohydrates, with protein being the easy one to prove, and fat and carbohydrate having arguments and evidence both for and against according to http://swankyseven.com/?p=1.

The body will prefer to eat stored carbohydrate or muscle for energy before removing your beer gut, when I go into ketosis, my body switches over to preferring FAT for energy thus increasing the removal of stored fat within my body.

I agree total calories matter immensely, I assert the importance of total calories is not in competition with my other assertions about macronutrient ratios, and that rather than being in competition, they are both complementary

Burning Calories with Six Week Body Make Over

What is a mediocre example of calories in vs calories out and “where do the calories come from” being complementary? Below is a fairly lame example of that when using the Six Week Body Make Over by Michael Thurmond:

I believe that despite jonas1’s first post where there was seemingly enough of a calorie deficit to affect weightloss, I have firm reasons to believe it is his sugar fits and the subsequent hormonal responses that where impairing his removal of fat from his body.

Could have also been what Shao said where due to differences between people he might not actually be in a calorie deficit.

My recommendations to him would be to reduce sugar calories as a number 1 priority, or at least move his sugar fits to right after hard resistance training and with some Whey Protein Isolate or something.

Also to experiment with slowly dropping total calories a little bit and see what happens, but which calories to drop? I recommend dropping the calories from his sugar fits   (or moving them to post workout with protein where they will benefit his body the most) according to http://consumerscompare.org/6-week-body-makeover-diet-review/.

Some of you are saying that you don’t think “kcals matter that much” … well they DO .. simple as that!

And then just a short note, that I actually did not want to go into: but as for Martins approach, (Martin which I have written with on Lyles board before), there is really not that much new in what he is during … But in his approach calories matters, – his entire approach builds on shifting between a kcal deficit and kcal surplus in a rather extreme way! – That you can administrate kcals without counting them (in lots of different ways), does simply NOT mean that kcals don’t count!

My Assessment of the Six Week Body Makeover

Last, if you read what I say you will notice I say calories has it’s uses and I don’t really give diet advice. If you want to get to 3% bodyfat or less, sure counting will probably help. My point is you can get sub 10 living a lifestyle if you know what to do, instead of focusing on counting. I can look in the mirror or go by how I feel and determine what I need to do. Which I think is way better than counting calories. And those habit changes and life style changes are 10x more effective than teaching someone how to count calories. This is what I teach, and the results speak. I spent a couple years working losing weight using the Six Week Body Makeover and I believe I reprogrammed my body to stay in a lean state.