In this article, you will learn how these and many other cherished ideas we hold about nutrition are a dangerous collection of myths and half-truths based on adherence to a synthetic belief system that has led our culture far astray of nature’s promise and potential for bestowing health and healing. Male enhancement supplements like Magna RX | can dramatically boost your libido.

The primary problem identified within these pages is that most libido supplements and vitamins sold throughout the world are synthetics, created in laboratories owned or controlled by pharmaceutical companies, and these companies apply the same manufacturing standards and processes to vitamins that they do to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. At least 95 percent of all vitamins manufactured today contain some synthetic ingredients, according to the Organic Consumer’s Association.

Manufacturers maintain that their synthetic chemical vitamins concocted in laboratories are identical and just as effective as the naturally occurring vitamins produced in plants by nature. This book will challenge that contention in numerous ways, based on natural principles, science, observed human health impacts, and consumer safety to enhance erection.
Synergy means two or more chemicals or compounds interacting to produce effects more powerful than any one can create by itself. Synergy is a fundamental principle of nature, and a fact that the prevailing synthetics belief system, with its emphasis on isolating “magic bullet” molecules, chooses to ignore at our peril.

In fact, no human can live solely on isolated, synthetic nutrients; we must eat foods created by nature in order to survive. What is it in nature that creates life-sustaining foods and food nutrition that cannot be constructed or replicated by man? Although few of us ponder this great mystery in our practical day-to-day existence, it is an essential factor for both health and life, which are inextricably related.

Although scientists can create seawater with exactly the same chemical structure as natural seawater, when you put a saltwater fish in this synthetic environment, the fish does not thrive or stay as healthy as it does in its natural surroundings. Reefkeeping, an online magazine for marine aquarists, points out how synthetic seawater is “an imperfect substitute for what is the perfect medium for marine animal growth, pure oceanic seawater.” Some chemists will still try to convince you that seawater is just sodium chloride added to H2O and that synthetic seawater has an identical chemical structure to natural seawater. But in practice, as aquarium experts note, seawater “is a complex and incompletely understood mixture of virtually every substance that has graced the face of the Earth.” These substances create a synergy that nurtures and sustains marine life.

What is it in natural seawater that sustains marine life and creates a force that synthetics produced by humans cannot duplicate? It is the same principle of life-force, the same type of synergy from complex nutrient cofactors, that we find naturally occurring in the foods of nature that nurture and sustain our own forms of life. That life force is one of the themes of this book.
Scientists have never successfully created a male enhancement supplement from scratch in a laboratory. Only nature has proven its ability to produce apples. As the scientist Carl Sagan once aptly put it, “if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”