The principle behind the penis extender is nothing new- it’s just a force called traction that has been used by doctors and surgeons for a long time to lengthen short limbs and digits. Tribal cultures all over the world have used traction to make their lips and necks and ears longer. It just uses the natural forces in your body to make its parts grow larger.

How the Penis Extender was Developed

The Extender was first designed to cure Peyronies and Micro Penis syndromes.

For a long time, the medical community has been known about how well the body is able to recover itself, and how traction has a lot of effective uses for stretching limbs and the like that are stunted. It didn’t take long for traction to be used for a wide variety of treatments. The penis traction device has been used universally recognized and proven the way of helping out people who have Peyronies (bent penis) and Micro Penis.

Traction is well known and lies at the heart of the penis extender. It uses traction to apply small amounts of stress to the body of your penis, which will break down skin and tissue and repair them larger than before. This works both the outside and the internal cavities of the penis, making it expand and circulate blood better and in greater volume. This also makes your erections stronger and fuller, and it just generally makes your sexual experience better. And, of course, it makes your penis larger.

Medical professionals have been utilizing these principles for a long time (since 1995) to cure curvatures and to provide increased penis size without surgery. On average, clinical studies have found that penises grow 33% larger in length and 35% in girth. These are massive changes that are deeply felt by your partner. Get the best penis extender |

So how does the Extender Work?

Penises are complex organs, but when it comes to penis enlargement they are simple. You are just working to increase the size of your Corpora Cavernosa. This is the medical name for the erectile tissues which flood with blood when you have an erection.

The penis extender works because it applies its traction right to the Corpora Cavernosa steadily and evenly. This traction along the Corpora Cavernosa causes the cells within to stretch and lightly tear, which engages cell multiplication and which makes your body produce more cells- which results in a larger penis.

As you stretch your penile tissue your cells are going to reproduce and more blood will be able to flood into your penis. Your Corpora Cavernosa will increase in size and your penis will then increase in size and will be able to fill with more blood as you get an erection- resulting in a larger penis.

Of course, it also makes your penis tissue have better and fuller and faster circulation, which makes your erections stronger and which increases your stamina in the bedroom. And, of course, it also makes your penis larger. Learn how penis extender works.

Penis Enlargement is a lot like Weight Training

It’s pretty common to see people compare making your penis larger to make your muscles larger through weight training. This is a solid and good comparison to make. There are lots of bodybuilders and weight trainers who like to call the pens the “forgotten muscle group.”

As weight trainers lift weights they are applying strain and stretch to their muscles. This work causes micro-tears and causes the muscle cells to duplicate themselves when they are put under strain from the weight. This damage is then healed after the workout, making your muscles larger and stronger and more powerful- and able to fill with more blood.

This should sound familiar by now because it is a lot like penis enlargement! Penis enlargement and extension similarly strains and stretches your penis, causing microscopic damage that then gets healed after the workout and results in a larger, thicker and harder penis.

The more you train your penis, the larger it will grow- just like muscles.

The Process of Penile Traction

Step 1 – Wear your Penile Traction Device

The reason your penis extender will work is that it applies a constant and even level of stretch along your penis for as long as you are wearing it. This penile traction is the scientific basis behind your extender.

Step 2 – Microscopic Tears

As you apply a constant and regular amount of penile traction to your member, your penis will undergo a large number of micro tears all along the shaft and the internal Corpora Cavernosa. These are painless and impossible to detect as they are so small.

These tears will naturally occur over the course of all the exercise you apply to your penis as you wear your traction extender. While you might not be able to consciously notice these changes, your body certainly will- and it will heal them and fill in the gaps, healing your penis larger than it ever was utilizing the processes of mitosis and cytokinesis.

Step 3 – Healing Larger through Mitosis and Cytokinesis

Mitosis is the process of your existing penile cells dividing (it’s also known as cellular division as one of your penile then divides into two different cells). As you apply traction your penis tissue cells are going to continue to divide and produce more cells and it will continue to fill in the micro-tears and gaps as you grow larger and larger. This is why your penis enlarger will make your penis both longer and thicker.

Simply put, your cell’s nucleus is going to divide and split into two identical cells. The cells will have identical nucleuses’ (via cytokinesis) and this is the final step in the process of growing more and more cells and a larger and larger penis.

As you use your penis extender, you will continuously create more and more penile tissue, which will result in a larger, longer and thicker penis.