Walter Schlesinger, M.D.. is one of a growing number of physician who refutes the claim that the penis cannot be enlarged. In his book. Penicure, the Manhood Miracle, Dr. Schlesinger writes: .

It is possible to increase the size of your penis through exercise. The exercise consists primarily of grasping the penis gently and stretching it half a dozen times or so several times a day. Such an exercise could be performed when it is necessary to urinate. This is best ~x accomplished by grasping the head with three fingers and gently stretching the shaft. Over a period of several months, this exercise may add a half inch or more to the length of the penis. Learn about Arginmax |

Stephen T. Chang, M.D. concurs that the deliberate stretching one’s penis encourages it to grow. In The Tao of Sexology he writes:

The size and shape of the penis, although determined at birth, can be improved upon. The male body may stop growing at the age of 20, but the penis continues to grow. Through scientific study, we know that the penis grows until a man dies. The older a man is. The bigger his penis becomes. It continues to grow in length and diameter, encouraged by the shaking and squeezing done after urination. Yes, the penis. as well as the nose, ears, and other append 5” continues to grow throughout a man’s lifetime, thanks In – the effects of gravity. However, this natural growth is n — being measured in millimeters rather than inches. This means that a 6″ penis at age 21 may grow to 6 1/4″ by average. However, through repeated manipulation and stretching (as “Penicure” method and others that will be discussed shortly penile growth may be encouraged even further. The lack of use may also cause the penis to atrophy slightly. Learn about Volume pills at

Penis Enlargement Methods

Conclusion: Repeated and deliberate pulling of the penis will help relax the suspensory ligament over time. The Penicure method has much in common with the Tao and Jelq methods (to be discussed shortly). Each involves daily exercises which force blood into the erectile bodies of the penis. The underlying principle suggests that through repeated and sustained engorgement. the penis can be increased in size. Through this simple exercise, which Dr. Schlesinger asserts need only be performed after urination, a half inch or more may be gained over time. Get the best penis extender |

One of my readers sent me some promotional material for a new device that claims to be effective in enlarging the penis. Actually,most of time of continual stretching, the penis will gradually length- 31 as the suspensory ligament is loosened. The kit consists of the following:

  • Foot strap
  • Long strap
  • Rubber loop with “D” ring and retainer
  • White foam penis collar strip
  • The kit comes in a sealed zip-lock bag and carries the caveat: “Opened packages cannot be returned.” Yet if you DON’t open the padcage. you can return the kit within 15 days for a refund. This is not the deal that you would imagine.

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