Hypnosis is interesting. Yeah, I found I had the same problem with the Kein videos. The problem is that those videos are really about teaching the technique to the viewer, the intention is not to get the viewer to go in to trance. I think the best way to experience these states is to learn them with a friend and then perform the inductions on each other. However you also need to ensure that you cover the basics of hypnosis techniques before attemting this advanced stuff. Great idea to use hypnotic coma and ultra-height for inner game issues. I did use ultra-height to help find my cat when he went missing for three days. When I was in Ultra-height my higher self told me the cat was alive and well and in the grounds of a nearby school. I found him a day later, sat under a parked car outside the school. Basic self-hypnosis deals with somnabulism. You can give yourself suggestions in that state that will be “powerfuly” accepted. There is no real use from light and medium hypnosis. Light is totaly useless and medium is for suggestions only, but they are less powerfuly accepted than in somnabulism. It’s very easy to reach somnabulism if you have no fears about hypnosis and you want to reach it and you let it reach. You let it reach mean that you don’t try to reach it, you must not let your conscious mind interfere. If you have a thought pop in your head, reject it promptly and just think “I know it will work, I let it work.” Learn more about hypnosis at http://infospeak.org/?p=183

Coma is state where suggestions will not be accepted so it’s not really useful for therapy. It is state of mild euphoria and anesthesia, so it’s useful for stress reduction and smaller surgeries or child birth. Somnabulism is starting point for reaching coma state. You can not reach it from medium hypnosis. My experience is that it’s very easy to reach, all you have to do is before you go into hypnosis eliminate all beliefs that prevent you from entering. I had a few beliefs that prevented me. Learn more about

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Kein was speaking how it is “best party you have ever been to” so I imagined it something like twice as strong as ecstasy or even stronger than heroin (which I never tried cause it was too risky in my mind) and I thought if I get there I will stay there all day, nothing will be important to me anymore – job, self-improvement … After I have reframed this I entered the state easily. Btw. it was not the best party I have ever been to, parties must have improved since 50tis dramaticaly. It was not even strong as quarter of ecstasy. I tried to reach it and I did but got no advice from my higher self. I was shocked, horrified. Then I realized I just need to reframe some beliefs that prevented me from getting advice. I thought since I am going to ask my higher self how to quickly fuck girls that I am dirty rotten I don’t know something and that I will abuse girls and blah blah blah. After I reframed it I had no problems. I entered that state with time limit of 15 minutes and I felt great. It was spectacular, best self-improvement I have ever tried, best by far. Everything I learned about hypnosis was from Kein. Kein discovered techniques to get to ultra-height. I forgot to mention that I forgave everyone who has done me wrong, cause it was suggested by Kein. It was really effortless and it would have taken months of doing the work or EFT or something.I can say it would take me months to fully do what I did in that 15 minutes and after that I felt so relaxed that people in tram all looked like robots to me after that.

What happened in those 15 minutes was that I have boosted my sense of self-worth partially and I have 100% gotten rid of my deep hate for women (that I think most people have in some extent deep down) for not fucking with me as much as I would like while I was a bAFC and for some other things. I had a mission to go out and hug as many girls that I know, which is what I very rarely do (I didn’t feel comfortable hugging before) and to find something beautiful in every girl I talk to. Luckily I can easily enter this state again in just 30 seconds so I can enter this state and make progress every day.

I don’t really know how you boost your sense of self-worth, it just happend like it happend that I was very relaxed. You don’t do anything, it just happens. Advice came in form of conversation for me. I would ask a question and get an answer. I have no idea what is higher self and I don’t really see it. It is not something, it is me, a part of me. I will have to say to “fuck off and listen to the product”