The truth about penis enlargement pills. I’m just gonna be really really brief … nothing works except that stretching exercise stuff … penis size isn’t important unless you’re under 3 inches … only you care about your penis size, the woman won’t if you don’t … if you show insecurity she’ll sense it and feel uncomfortable too. Unless she just has to have a big dick for aesthetic reasons…. same way you wouldn’t date a fat chick … preferences … I think I’ve covered all the possible responses people will give … did I miss any?

For sexual health. It seems to be an up and down thing for nearly everyone. Ginger is very good when it works, your erections become very hard, but it seems like my body has adapted to need more and more of it, as it gets less effective with continued use. I think my hardest erections have come on Zinc Piconilate, but this happens once, then is a miss afterward. Learn about Virility EX |

The two things I notice which always work, where my body doesn’t adapt, are Iodine and Citrulline. I recommend you take these in low doses everyday, for a constant stream of hard erections. But I would recommend taking Iodine in cheap regular sea kelp, since SSKI (Potassium Iodide) is quite strong stuff. However if you want to take SSKI, there is a cheap and easy way to do it. Go to your pharmacy, and buy the liquid iodine from there, the one that comes in dark brown. Also buy a small glass bottle with a dropper, and fill this up with the iodine. Now every morning, put 1 or 2 drops of iodine in a glass of water, and drink. Simple.

The other is citrulline which everyone knows about. Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon with water and drink. Learn more about penis pills truth |

I did recently induce crazy lust a few weeks back, I was just popping very strong erections by mere sexual thoughts, and had to jack it like 5 times. It felt like my dopamine system was on meth, and I believe it was either gingko or rosemary. However I have not been able to recreate the same effect. I don’t think the problem with a lot of us is physical, or circulatory. It’s just arousal, and finding things as good as when we first discovered it. We want things that will increase our arousal in our brain, to it’s max. We’ve become so numb due to excess porn, and are just less horny in general. We need our mojo back. So it mostly comes down to getting that dopamine burst in the brain, or getting those signals sent to the brain because our hormones (testosterone/Nitric Oxide) are really high. Yeah it’s got a lot to do with physiology, for example people on certain types of testosterone steroids, their libido goes through the roof. But I’m starting to think, it’s time to look into the psychological, and see if we can recreate these things in the brain, without the need for supplements.

Penis pills can work. It works. I have been ‘pulling my penis’ for over a year now and have seem some gains (nothing amazing), but it just proves it DOES work. I have made small gains because I don’t wana pull my cock off, other guys are crazy and make better gains but take more risks.

It’s very good for advice and stuff. Please read the stuff about injuries before u try this stuff, can be very risky and can leave you with PERMINENT problems.