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Are They Safe?

First of all, when it comes to the safety and the naturalness of Volume Pills, you can rest assured that you are getting a formula that has been created using only the most natural ingredients that you can find and that these ingredients have been obtained from the highest quality sources.

You are going to find some of the most beneficial natural ingredients in Volume Pills, some of which have been used in male performance boosters for years, such as Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc Oxide, San Guo Mu and similar, as well as some ingredients that have been particularly included in order to increase the amounts of semen you produce, such as Dong Chong Xia Cao and Ku Gua.

What Can You Expect With Volume Pills

Up to 500% increase in ejaculate volume – Our unique blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients will provide you with the nutrients needed to quickly and easily produce up to 500% more sperm. These ingredients help to rapidly stimulate sperm and testosterone production in the testicles. Within just a few days, you will begin to notice a marked increased in ejaculate volume.

Within just a few weeks, the volume of sperm produced will have easily doubled. By the end of your third month, your ejaculate volume will grow to reach as much as 500% greater than your beginning point. Stop wasting time, take charge of the bedroom, and give her all the cum you know she’s begging for!

Dramatically Longer & more intense orgasms – The strength, duration & intensity of a man’s orgasm as been clinically proven to be directly related to the strength of the penile muscles and the amount of ejaculate traveling through the penis, and the velocity at which the semen is discharged(directly related to penile muscle strength).

Therefore as you begin to produce larger quantities of semen, your orgasms will become incrementally more intense. The larger the amount semen ejaculated, the longer your orgasm will last. We’ve had numerous customers report orgasms lasting more 45 seconds. Now your orgasm’s can be as earth shattering as your partners’. Order Trialis today!

Male multiple orgasms – Very few men have ever enjoyed the experience of multiple orgasms in a single sexual episode. This is because the vast majority of men simply do not produce enough semen & sperm. As you produce greater volumes of sperm, the likeliness and potential for there to be multiple orgasms greatly increases as well. This is largely because you will have a much larger storage of sperm. Learn more at http://alphaguys.weebly.com

When you finally ejaculate, it is extremely likely that you will not only have one orgasm, but possibly two or three. You sexual encounters will undoubtedly reach powerful new heights of enjoyment and satisfaction for both you and your partner. Why wait, try Volume Pills today and satisfy her like she’s always wished for!


Don’t be fooled by women when they tell you that penis size doesn’t matter, or that the meager amount of sperm you ejaculate when you orgasm is ok. Women, just like men, expect a lot from sex. Most women have watched porno films or have been with a big stud, so they know what they want out of a sexual encounter. They want a man with a big penis and one that knows how to perform. Although Volume Pills won’t make your penis bigger, it will allow you to impress your partner when you cover her from head to toe with a shower of sperm. 

Volume Pills have been clinically designed to dramatically enhance the intensity of the male orgasm, rapidly increase the volume of semen production and greatly increase the probability of multiple male orgasms. The pharmaceutical grade ingredients used in the formulation of Volume Pills when used in concert, have been shown to increase the levels of male testosterone. Increased levels of testosterone lead to greater production volume of semen, more fertile sperm and firmer erection quality.

Don’t worry if you if you only have an average penis size. Volume Pills will give you what all women are looking for, confidence to perform like a champion in bed!