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The advantages of size is worthless, but it does point out that a few women , willing to voice their preference for a larger penis. Dr. Dick , hards argues that size indeed does matter to women. Herbal ingredients will make a huge difference.

The arguments of women who say that it is performance rather that that matters most are irrelevant to men. We are not talking about a totally logical situation. Nothing will ever convince the average man that big is not best. Size does matter and within limits It quite certainly does matter immensely to women too. The comment of the experienced woman is usually that although other things like skill and care for their feelings matter a great deal, when all other things are equal, the larger penis is the more appreciated. And there, in a nutshell, is the significant factor of all the prolonged discussions on the relevance of penis size.

The majority of women answer the same thing…better a good big one than a good little one. Men and women alike, for their different reasons, prefer a big penis to I small one.

The recent survey conducted by Psychology Today, researchers C- 950 women what they valued about a man’s genitals. They liked 550 men what they thought women liked the most. The ‘II were revealing. While men believed that length was more content to their female partners. women valued penile width than length, remarking that such was “more satisfying during intercourse.”