Well let us put it this way. There is only one Hypnosis, and several states which are differentiated by the deepness of trance. But there are many ways to get there, several ways for interrupts, inductions, deepeners, metaphors…

The question might more be in your way of questioning : What is hypnosis used for, and what is possible under hypnosis?  And the answer to this question would be, that basically almost everything is possible, that your mind can imagine, if it is put well.

Hypnosis can be used in business, relationships, medical environments, entertainment, negotiation, when your best friend always tries to hit on your girlfriend you could install a phobia of your girlfriends in him. Learn more about hypnosis at http://infospeak.org/?p=183

Everything is possible, the question is, why do you ask the question? Where do you  want to get with the idea of hypnosis? The NLP variant of hypnosis is the same as Milton Ericksons work, basically.  Erickson has been chronicled by several others, too – Rossi and Haley come to mind.  Erickson was especially focused on conversation based hypnosis/indirect hypnosis and the use of rapid hypnosis through interrupts.

For more “authoritative” hypnosis techniques, you may want to look at Dave Elmans work – after Erickson, probably the most respected hypnotherapist of the last century.  The “Dave Elman” induction is the most used scripted induction there is.

In addition to these three induction forms, there’s plain guided imagery (where somebody describe a scene, often in all senses) and there’s progressive relaxation (where you get somebody to relax more and more to get into hypnosis, and that’s all you do.)

All of these inductions are usable both for stage hypnosis and therapy.  The rapid inductions are often used for stage because they’re flashy, the progressive relaxation variant is seldom used for stage because it is so slow (it’s really sort of outdated no matter what field you are in).

Apart from use for stage and therapy, there’s use in sports (a variant of therapy, really), and forensic hypnosis (where hypnosis is used to recover evidence for a court.)  For forensic hypnosis, there’s a lot of requirements to avoid tainting the evidence.

If you want to learn more about the background for most of this, I can recommend the book “Hypnotize This!”

I have reached hypnotic coma, but I had to record my own version of hypnotic coma induction cause Kein was calibrating on a guy that needed much less time to go down with elevator to level A. I have just translated Keins exact words into Croatian and recorded audio cause I didn’t know how to insert breaks into video.

I got into ultra-height state, but I couldn’t really do anything there cause again Kein was calibrating on a guy that got his answers almost immidiately. I will need to record my version again or find some other video.