He was a 100% raw foodist who loves the 17 day diet. You have talked with him. “Few people have the discipline to limit themselves with cooked food.” Interview with Roger Haeske who say their diet is 80% raw are eating only 50% raw in reality.

We tend to overstate. There are some people who eat 100% raw with cheats. They the diet for a day or a meal. Overall they’re pretty close, but not completely 100% raw. There are two different extremes. It’s pretty rare that someone only one cooked meal per day and only part of that one meal is Few people have the discipline to limit themselves with cooked food. I know from my own experience how that works. I find it easier to say, “I’ll go 100% raw for a while. That’s what I’m doing.” When I go off, I’m honest with myself. At the moment, I’m more at 50%. It’s easy to add in more cooked food as you go off the 17 day diet.

I’d like to expand on that from my experiences when I ate part raw and part cooked. It took me five years from when I first decided to go 100% raw to when I actually figured out how to do it and stay that way. Initially I thought, “I feel good. I have the best of both worlds. I can eat mostly raw foods. I can still go out and eat cooked foods with my friends.” Toward the end of that five-year period, I was about 80% raw. The problem is that other 20% of your diet. What is that other 20% you’re eating? I felt I deprived. I’d go out with my friends and eat Thai food. Then we’d go out for dessert. Compared to other people, it wasn’t the worst food for the most part. I at least ate vegetarian, but I was eating fried foods and even Indian food. I forget what those fried little dumplings are called. Learn about the 17 Day Diet 2016 | http://sundowndivers.org/?p=70

“This is the problem. People who eat a cooked food diet and know about eating raw find all sorts of ways to rationalize the cooked food.”
Interview with Roger Haeske It was pretty bad stuff. As long as you’re in that world where you say you can enjoy cooked food and eat mostly raw, it’s good. It’s much better for most people, assuming that you’re doing the raw part right with the 17 day diet.

You’ll probably be much better off than most people. The big problem is that you’re still poisoning yourself. It’s like the difference between a person who regularly smokes three packs per day and reduces to one pack per day. They’re poisoning themselves less, but they’re still poisoning themselves. Check out 17 Day Diet Review | http://mikesthoughts.drupalgardens.com and http://consumerscompare.org/17-day-diet-review/

This is the problem. People who eat a cooked food diet and know about eating raw find all sorts of ways to rationalize the cooked food. There are a million different reasons. The 100% raw food diet mindset requires you attain a certain raw. Getting back to the benefits, it’s like an incredible universe when you’re 100% raw. I made a chart on my blog. I don’t have It’s listed the benefits of a raw food diet versus a cooked food diet. I tried to be as honest as I could. I also listed some benefits to a cooked food diet. One benefit is you can go out to eat anywhere. It’s available. In terms of taste, I rated a cooked food diet as very good. The reasons why. You can still use spices and things if you want. As you get a little cleaner in your diet, your taste buds improve. They become more sensitive. You’ll have what I call “gourmet taste buds.” The simpler things taste better. You don’t need the cooked food stimulation of the 17 day diet. Learn more about diet pills at http://dietcruncher.com/