I think i finally figured out why guys last only a minute …

So i was thinking… Back when i was little i would jerk off and try to cum as quick as possible…why? so i wouldn’t get caught…and from doing this…i trained myself to cum quick…so there u go now u know why u cum in like a minute…because i remember when i first started it would take for fucking ever to cum…and now since i trained my self to cum quick i  became a minuteman…

So…now we have to reverse this process by jerking off slowly as possible and trying not to cum for along time until u have trained your self to not be able to cum in a minute anymore…

But I have done the same most of my life (constantly aimed to get off in 5mins or less), and it actually did the opposite for me.  It makes it take longer to get off with a woman, because I conditioned myself to respond to a certain type of stimulus (one that isn’t anywhere near as loose or soft as a pussy). Maybe it’s just a difference in body, or technique. But either way, I’m just saying this.

I’ve been learning to enjoy, and appreciate the sexual response I have lately.  (commonly between 20-40mins intercourse, 15mins absolute MINIMUM hard and fast).  I don’t think I have any special abnormal physiology.  So for what it’s worth I’ll tell everyone how I developed it accidentally.

I used to cum pretty quickly when I was young, probably as everyone does.  By the time I was 19 or so, obviously masturbation was getting pretty boring, and quite like a chore.  While being bored, I realized it felt really GREAT if you went super fast (I’m talking as fast as you’re physically able lol).  But you get tired quite quickly… and you cum really fast too.  It sort of felt like a waste most times, being over too quickly.

So I started going normal speed most of the time, with intermittent 5-10sec superman runs every now and then.  You get this great peak feeling, and then it subsides as you go normal speed again for a while.  The more months I did this for… the longer it seemed to take to get off… and the more fast segments I could fit in.  Until pretty soon I HAD to do a few really fast bits… or else I’d NEVER get off. … then I started having sex.  Needless to say it took AGES to get off.

I hated it, I felt like a failure as a man. But now I’m LOVING it.  Giving a girl 2 or more orgasms during intercourse is great.  I could go an hour or more easily, but most of the time I’m just aiming to get myself off relatively fast (under 20mins), since over 40mins would get boring IMO.

Take this for what you will.  It’s just my personal experience. As you get older you get more control and can last a lot longer. My problem now is that I am 40yo, and it has becoming increasingly harder to come at all.  At this point in my life I can only achieve orgasm in Missionary or sometimes Doggie…so don’t stress it, as you get older you get more control (or sadly it say it may not be control at all).