clean vs dirty lungs

Check the stats on how many models smoke (appetite suppressant).

Personal freedom means that you do want you want to your body, and you don’t give a shit what other people do with their body. To want anything else is to want slavery and dominion over another body, and your body no longer belongs to you, but it belongs to the state (government).

The cultural divergences pointed by deadlock are really a big thing to take in measure.In my country (Brazil), there is a very large community of smokers (me included, not proudly I must say). So smoking is not bad looking as it is in other countries.

Peer pressure plays a huge factor (almost the only one) in the smoking habit here since ANY type of advertisement of smoking is prohibited.

Smoking looks cool for young teenagers here, and that comes also from the anti-tobacco pressure of the government. (You must be 18 or older to buy cigarettes, but almost no one obeys this law, lately I found you cannot buy cigarettes with credit card any more).

See where I’m going? Here, smoking  kind of underlines a rebellion from the state (much unappreciated by teens around here)

And you must admit rebellion is present in almost any young person in the world.

I didn’t start smoking because of any this BS, I started because of some deep stress and insecurity, I simply found a quick escape route, some way to physically (at the very beginning) and mentally (that’s why I didn’t quit YET) become more calm.

I’ve met some people like me, with compulsive disorders that found in smoking a way to occupy themselves, a catalyst, like burning the torrent of thoughts that annoys you, but I’m looking to stop it.

I really don’t know why I really wrote this, but it came across my mind and I felt like sharing with you.

And one piece of advice, if you can, stay out of this, you’re actually burning money, and hurting your body and mind!

Just to add one more thought to this.

I’m always a little dubious about smoking “statistics”. As the old cliché goes, “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

For example, we can hear a TV ad telling us that we are 10 times more likely to develop cancer from passive smoking. That statistic alone scares the b’jesus out of us. TEN TIMES, for Chris sakes…

…but ten times from what starting point?

I mean, let’s say the starting percentage was 0.001%. That is a 1 in a 10,000 chance. I’m not going to sweat those odds…after all, most of us use condoms that have a far higher risk of failure. But by saying “10 TIMES MORE LIKELY”, I think it gives a potentially disproportionate level of scaremongering compared to the actual risk. For all of those vehement anti-smokers who complain about the health implications of passive smoking, I wonder how many can actually name the TRUE probability of contracting a passive smoking-related illness.

Not meaning to defend the health effects of smoking by any means. I’m just a little wary of how statistics are favorably molded for propaganda purposes. I hate the way our governments are continually interfering in our lives.