So many guys in prison physically so much stronger and more scary, he’s relatively weak by comparison and knows how to sport fight. I seen pro MMA FW – MW fighters in the gym and inmates in the gym, it’s like comparing weak lower scale crossfit competitors to weaker strongman/power competitors or strong bodybuilders. I wouldn’t underestimate some of those guys especially in numbers. There are guys with 30-50 pounds on him that can hurt him even though they aren’t “pro fighters or martial artists”, let alone what a various aggressive pack of them would do to him. Not to mention knowing he’s a fighter may draw people to fuck with him and antagonize him. Make an example out of the so called “tough guy”. So many variables depending on the prison he is in. He might need some help to stay hard in jail.

We get sold that “MMA fighters blah blah best athletes in the world” nonsense and fan bias we forget how mortal these guys can be and they are nearly as vulnerable in the street or prison. We get deluded into believe Ronda beat a 250lb man and Brown Bear with ease, she’s not even that strong I’m sure she wouldn’t get raped in prison…….. Dana would have us believe she would do all the raping in a male prison

You think guys doing life are any better than ‘War Machine’? For these people the code he broke was not killing her and raping the corpse, in that regard he will be a lightweight.  You are talking about some of the sickest most twisted people in the world.

Is raping a woman any worse than raping a man?  Gang raping someone in a train is a seriously sick act, it literally can be getting fucked to death, it is extremely perverse, so is “bitch-making”.  I don’t know how anyone can think these people have any kind of code, or that they are selecting their victims based on some form of perverse justice.  They select their victims the same way Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, etc, etc did.

Without Steroids and whatever other Peds he took, he is gonna be a lot less impressive physically, and no where near as strong, although all those drugs are available in prison.   He is no midget, they list him as 5’11 on sherdog so I will assume he is about 5’9 and he has a very powerful physique, although once he is off the PEDS he will probably just be a normal sized guy, but still not someone you want to fuck with!

Just like to stress I wasn’t saying he would get raped, but to think because he’s a WW MMA fighter he will be king of the joint is naive. He can get hurt in there and plenty of bigger stronger men exist. He can get his head bounced off a concrete wall or floor or have 5 guys kicking him in the head.

Arona he is pretty small, 5’9 or even 5’8 sounds right. I seen him IRL he’s not that big at all. Your perception of WW’s may be skewed if you only see them on TV, Josh Koscheck is another guy who appeared small to me who lists 5’11 even with afro he seemed closer to 5’8 and overall physically smaller than I thought he would be. Anyways good point about not having access to goods to keep him where he is at. You may see a pic of him a year or two from now and he looks like a shell of himself.