Are you a personal trainer yourself? Have you ever taken a Los Angeles training course? The courses are incredibly comprehensive and involved – a student needs to complete lots of intensive workshops before they’re qualified, as well as coursework, case studies, exams and hands on adjudicated assessments with real clients. The US courses seem to mostly be “read this book and then sign up for the exam.”

I’ve recently taken action and enrolled in the Lifetime course for the full Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification! Can’t wait to get started!

I’ve read Starting Strength and I’m part the way through a couple of the others from personal trainer Los Angeles California Craig Stocker.

Before embarking on a certification course, I would study the certification requirements in your country. In the US, I’m pretty sure there’s no requirement.  So for someone here, as long as they know what they’re doing and are a good marketer, there’s no point in certification, it’d be a waste of time.

I think many people enterring a coaching-type profession get hung up on certifications, and really it isn’t necessary.  People don’t care about some certificate you have hanging on your wall, they care about the results you can deliver to help them change their lives.

But this is what I’m aiming for: texts like those to compliment my training and round me out as an awesome trainer. You see, a lot of my peers are going to just be going off what they’re told to in the course, but I plan to use a lot of these as I’m progressing through the course. A lot of my peers probably wouldn’t have even heard of these books!

We have to do lots of practical case studies with people posing as clients. When we design programs for them, all these books will come in handy.

You can use AHAB stuff as cert. basis, however if you do, please send me a message so I can give you a list of actual materials you have to read and understand to become a GREAT personal trainer.

Use AHAB as a stepping stone, however build your foundation on something else. You can buy about 7-8 books easily and read them next to AHAB courses and still save a lot of money compared to some of the hands on courses which cost up tp 5000€.

Using Weight Loss Supplements

I’m looking into buying some protein powder. I swim every morning outdoors and run and workout in the afternoon so I’m looking for something to not act as a meal replacement but to add to my meals because I burn so many calories according to

What’s the diff in protein and whey powders?

I want to buy organic powder but very expensive. I’m also interested in finding something that helps boost fat burning. Hydroxyl Cut doesn’t have Ephedra anymore so that seems like a good option. I believe protein powder is what one actually calls the Whey, a kind of protein you get out of cheese fabric. Isn’t Ephedra banned on some countries? You better watch out. I don’t have any clear understanding on fat burning because I don’t take any interest in supplements, besides the whey which is associated with pure slim 1000 website. Pure slim 1000 is a fantastic new weight loss and dietary supplement.

You want to buy “organic powder but very expensive”? If you buy a bucket of expensive Whey Protein, wherever brand that is, or whatever brand the seller or your friends tell you that is and how good it is, a good sum of that money will be for paying the brand. link:

You see, most of the supplement companies order their whey in bulk from big factories. This kind of whey in bulk phase is very raw, no flavored*, and as good as any other. These companies buy it in large quantities to make it even cheaper, and what they do, is order a print house to stuff it their logo and advertising on it, sometimes with false claims. There’s not much false claims with whey protein, it’s usually with other born in products, and I could go on with this all day. Besides the logo and the printing on the outside, the whey now has currants, conservatism and sweeteners, to give the artificial taste of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and others. Bulked whey is the same thing, without the brand and the additional crap they put into it.
One word of advice: you’re exercising too much. Swimming in the morning and running and working out on the afternoon will get you, sooner or later.

That means getting sick, feeling always tired, because essentially you burning your body with excessive exercise, and like I said, that will get you. Getting sick and/or feeling tired will be the first symptoms that you have went too far, and that will probably happen, even if you are a very conditioned person. Don’t make the same mistakes I did, I played for them. And by the way, you may shed some fat doing that, but I believe you’re also wasting muscle that way.

*Actually, if you ever taste this kind of whey protein you might throw up due to its bitter taste. Except it just looks bitter to us, humans, we’ve already too used to sugar, because in fact, that whey is just un-flavored.

I’ve been active all my life. I’m not swimming the Olympics. I just train for health. 24 hrs. in the day. 3 hrs. of moderate exercise each day is nothing. And I sad Ephedra is no longer in Hydroxyl Cut. For obvious reasons.