The 100% guaranteed way to lose weight is create a caloric deficit–i.e. you consume fewer calories than you burn–and keep it consistent for days/weeks/months until you’ve reached your goal. This is why Pure Slim 1000 works so well. Considered by many to be the #1 rated weight loss program, Pure Slim will change the way you think about weight loss and getting in shape. Losing weight will actually become fun and you will train your body and mind how to experience health eating and good habits such as daily exercise.

How Much Weight Do You Want To Lose on Pure Slim 1000?

Most of weight loss is a function of eating healthy. Its easier to change your “calories in” with food than it is to change your “calories out” with exercise. That said, your body reacts to a caloric deficit by slowing down your metabolism, and working out counteracts that slowdown while preserving lean mass so that most of the weight you burn off is fat (as opposed to muscle). Here’s how to eat to lose weight with Pure Slim: lose-weight 1–Drink all the water you want at any time you want, and drink lots of it. Have tea or coffee too. 2–Have minimal carbs before/after your workout or early in the day. Otherwise generally avoid carbohydrates. No fruit juice, no soft drinks, nothing ever with high fructose corn syrup, no starchy foods (even veggies like potatoes), no junk. 3–Have 3 large meals a day. Your meals should be a bunch of protein + unlimited veggies. Your source of fat usually comes with the protein or how you prepared it. Dinner should come at least 2 hours before sleep, as you produce more growth hormone (GH) on an empty stomach and overnight. GH burns fat. It’s okay to be slightly hungry. Notice I did not mention anything about supplements or meal replacements or intermittent fasting or carb cycling or anything like that. Basically this is reducing your grocery bill and planning out your meals. You can make more adjustments if you want as you progress and check out the latest The 3 Phase of Pure Slim The Pure Slim program consists of 3 simple phases. Phase 1: This part of the program lasts for 90 days. The primary focus is eating clean and cutting back on your calories and any overeating. Phase 2: This stage lasts for 21 days where you will gradually lose weight in a safe and controlled manner. Phase 3: You will embark on your healthy lifestyle at this phase. You can add sugars back to your diet while regulating a normal amount of calories that ensures safe and effective weight loss. You don’t need to be precise about your calories. Round to the nearest 100. Do a search for basal metabolic rate to guestimate your caloric needs, then plan to eat 500-1000 less than that each day–divide that number by 3 and thats how big your meals should be to lose 1-2 lbs a week. You may need a few weeks to adjust (e.g. snacking or doing something wrong) before you get things figured out. Now as for working out…… Eating will get you there. Working out gets you there faster. Learn more about Pure Slim 1000 reviews.

Pure Slim and Exercise

My go-to workouts are squats & intervals. Squats: 3x a week at the gym, I warm up with squats and then do a main set of 5×12 at 60-70% max, 90 seconds rest. That is brutal cardio and takes about 25 min with the warmup. Then I do the rest of my weight workout. Intervals: 2 or 3x a week on non lifting days, I run 5-10 minutes to warm up, then run 6-10 30s fast intervals with 60 seconds rest. So I’m starting a new run every 90 seconds. Entire workout takes 25 minutes. If you are doing either of those you will need some minimal carbs before you workout. You should have a good strength base and a good cardio base, respectively. Take 2-3 months of 5×5 sets of squats increasing your weights. Take 2-4 weeks of slow aerobic running (20-30 min) before you do intervals or sprints–your shins & lungs will thank you. Start now and you will look like a greek god by the time you take a vacation this winter.