Insurance is the greatest fucking business/scam ever. I worked as a video producer for Liberty Mutual. My job was to create all sorts of instructional material for the company. I also shot video of the top sales guys on a yacht in the Greek islands. (being on one of the worlds largest yachts doesn’t suck) I personally hung out with all their top sales guys. They all easily were making high six figures.

The old joke is a “boring insurance salesman”. There was nothing boring about these guys. You WANTED to hang out with them because they were such hot shits. I would’ve bought insurance from them just to hang out with them. This goes without saying for any great salesperson.

What I find amazing about the insurance biz: THEY SELL NOTHING. Other than a piece of paper and a promise, nobody has to worry about supply, repeat customers, shipping, storage, shelf space, etc etc.

What I find amazing about selling insurance: you get a customer FOR LIFE. You KEEP GETTING PAID every time they renew their policy. Am I right Nato76? This doesn’t happen in car sales or anything else. Greatest fucking thing ever.

Since these people know their customers personally, if you ever leave one company, you can basically take your clientele with you. This was why I was filming a million dollar junket for the top sales guys. Liberty Mutual wanted to KEEP their top sales guys happy.

From what I saw, it just takes time getting a client list. Years. But from what I saw it was worth it. What are the other top sales guys saying how they did it at your company? From what I could tell, you basically seduce your clients into paying for a promise for the rest of their lives.

I’ll tell ya what didn’t work – I saw some guy trying to sell insurance from a tent at a farmers market. It was surreal. I approached the guy and said that I’m familiar with Liberty Mutual and how I’ve hung out with top insurance salesman. This guy wouldn’t listen and wouldn’t shut up and wouldn’t stop trying to sell me insurance. I was just shaking my head thinking “you ARE the epitamy of a bad insurance salesman”.

Let’s start with one of the advantages you have which is free postage. Actually a great advange because you can do A LOT of direct mail.

In order to get a great response with the direct mail you will now need 2 things.
1- A great list to mail to.
2- A compelling offer (a reason for them to respond)

Let’s start with number 1 getting a great list. You don’t have a lot of money to go buy a list, so how else can you come up with a great list?

Who would be a great list for you? It would be people in transition. If people are not in transition they have no need for the insurance. If they are not in transition they probably already have insurance and an agent they like and it would be hard to get them to change.

First group of people in transition that I would go after would be people who are in the process of buying a house. They need homeowners insurance. So how can you get a list of people in the process of buying a house? You didn’t say where you are? Are you in the US? If so then go to the title companies in your area. Go to the mortgage companies in your area. Go to the real estate agents in your area. All of them will have a list of people in the process of buying a house.

You said you also sell auto. So go to all of the auto dealerships in your area. They will have a list of everyone buying a car.

For the life insurance one group of people in transition would be new parents. Someone who just had a new baby.

Now you need to figure out how to get them to give you their list for free. You will need to create a great “reason why” for them. I want you to think about this. Why should they give you their list? What’s in it for them? Why might they want to do a joint venture with you? I can give you some but I want you to think about it and figure some of it out for yourself.

You really should contribute to this site. Contribute enough to become a power user. It will be the best money you can spend on yourself and will give you the greatest return for helping you grow your business and making more money right away. There are people on this site who will be more willing to help if you are not just a “user”. There are people here who will help who in the real world charge hundreds if not over a thousand an hour to consult. I recently did a training for Farmers Insurance.

That said, you now need to come up with a “reason why” or a compelling reason for people to buy insurance from you. Why should people buy from you and not their current agent? Why should they buy from you and not their friend, their brother-in-law or someone they already know? I will help you with this also but first I want you to exercise your mind a little. There are lots of programs on this site that will teach you how to come up with this “reason why”.

So, come up with some “reasons why” and we can go from there.

I used to sell insurance and the thing is to have connections, for example to sell car insurance, you can go to places where they sell cars and offer the guys stuff, so basically they sell for you, same with homes and and life insurance, so the trick is to close guys that make closes for you, but you will not close those guys easily as biks says its a matter of being a certain type of guy that is outhere making things happen, you already know that from jordan belfort stuff, focus on better clients now, target small bussiness, and go for the guys that manage people, so that you make presentations instead of cold calls, and test a little for how you can benefit them, like “let me do an insurance presentation on your company and I will give you 10 % of what I sell” or “I can make you a better insurance deal if you let me do X presentations with your people”

I also used to print cards back in the day and gave it to recently out of college people, people who will be getting jobs and buying houses in the short term, so when they do, its a good thing they think of you. But the trick is also that every guy that sell a house has his friend that sell insurance, so, it can work only if people trust you and like you.

Insurance is the kind of bussiness that you sell more the more people you know, start talking about it in your facebook page, with friends and family, let them know you are the go to guy if they need insurance consultancy and advise.