I just, I mean, I, I think, I’m just so, so driven to help people. It’s, I just kind of

feel that I’ve been put on the planet to do this stuff. And I think I went through it very early on. Um, because I had to learn the pitfalls and learn the hard way myself.

To help other people avoid them, or at least make the journey more enjoyable. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than to help someone get back on the wagon, or get on it in the first place. But absolutely in a way that works for them.

Has to be highly, highly personal. And you know, not seeing it as a diet, but seeing it as a lifestyle choice that empowers them to show up as they were born to show up.

That’s awesome. I mean, and it definitely, you know, talking to you, I can definitely feel that, that passion and that sincerity, which is a great thing, because
sometimes when people think of coaches, especially as it pertains to fitness or health, they think of somebody that’s gonna be a drill sergeant or something. You better do this and you better do that. And you know, somebody like cracking the whip on them, or so to speak. Because they feel like they can’t do it themselves. But the way that, that you, you, you bring love to it, basically. You know.

Thank you. Well, yeah, I do. I mean, food, at, at the end of the day, it’s a very, very emotive issue. And people are driven to eat most of the time for
emotional reasons.

And so you, you can’t approach it from a kind of you must, you mustn’t approach. Because that just doesn’t work. And so, um, one of the things that I’ve been running for many months of this year is, is a project called 30 Days to Raw, where I take a group of up to 15 people on a 30 day journey, and one of the first things that I say to them is, we are not gonna use the words good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, or any of those negative connotations around food. We’re gonna look on all foods as energy, and

we’re just gonna make more conscious choices and bring much greater awareness to our food choices without judgment. Just observations and seeing what our patterns are, and then working from there. And as soon as you take the emotional charge away from food, you find that people automatically start making better choices because they’re not using food as a weapon against themselves. And so it’s quite an amazing process and the 30 days to raw has been one of the best things I’ve ever, ever done. Um, and the only reason why it’s not carrying on next year is because I care.

To, uh, carrying on this work and using the model for, I’ve created, to empower themselves and their clients to really, really get how to go raw and stay raw so that, you know, it’s just basically, it’s so much easier for people in the future than it ever has been to date. And that is my, my bigger picture for, for myself and for the business.