Hi everyone. This is your Food Expo coordinator, Michael Cooper. Welcome to another very special Food Expo tele-seminar. Which can be found . The purpose of the Food Expo 2 is to act as an informational tool for seasoned and novice raw fooders. For those that are veterans of raw food, we offer information about how to raise your spiritual consciousness or turn your raw commitment into a green business. And for the raw novice, we offer tips on how to make your transition into raw food an easy one.

Tonight we are privileged to have Michael Caine. The founder of the show. A site dedicated to raw, vegan athletes around the world. He’s also making a documentary film about his adventures and accomplishments as a raw vegan athlete. Tim hopes that other athletes will give serious consideration to his findings and change the way they look at food and sport, and especially drugs and sport. Part of Tim’s mission is to promote health and ecological stewardship among athletes of all ages and abilities as well as to scientifically prove than an organic plant-based diet consisting of uncooked, unrefined, and unprocessed whole foods yields the highest performance for the human body. It is his hope that other high level athletes will consider the advantages of this diet and be committed to endorsing and promoting the idea of whole food nutrition to the youth of America, who are in desperate need or dietary transformation. So Tim, thank you for joining us and welcome to the Food Expo.

You’re very welcome, thank you for having me. So now, what was your life like before raw food? I mean, what inspired your transition 100% raw lifestyle? Well, I don’t know if it was inspired so much as I was motivated to change, uh, out of illness. Oh, really?

Yeah. Uh, I find that most people find out about raw food or move towards the raw food movement because they’ve got something wrong. They’ve got an illness, they’ve got, or a weight issue and they, they want to change for the better. Uh huh.

And, uh, that was definitely the case for me. I, uh I was vegan for over 6 years before I, I went raw. And, uh, that’s my watch telling me to wake up. And, uh, you know, veganism worked for a while for me. Mm hm. And then suddenly over the course of maybe a year and a half, my health started to decline and get worse and worse and worse. Uh, to the point where I really couldn’t function anymore. And everybody was telling me, you know, veganism doesn’t work. You need animal protein, you need this. You need that. And I didn’t want to believe that, so I started looking around for other answers, and I came across, um, raw food. And, uh, had fortunately, a couple people that kind of mentored me through the process. And, uh, made all the difference in the world. Now where macrobiotic veganism was failing me. Uh huh.

Raw food, you know, made the difference and changed everything and turned my life back around. Well how, how long were you, uh, feeling sick or, like, was it for a year or?

For about a year, year and a half. Um, you know, it started gradually, and just got worse and worse. Oh wow.

Um, all the way to the point where, um, basically my boss pulled me aside at work and said, you know, when you’re here, you’re not here.

Ooh. And, uh, you need to do something. And I think you should take some time off from work. And, uh, that’s what I did. I, I gave my resignation and, and started looking for a way to fix it. You know, it was, I, uh, I don’t really believe in the medical establishment.

Um, I think they’re great. Uh, western medicine is fantastic for dealing with emergency situations. But, uh, when it comes to health, uh, they’re not really interested in health more than they are interested in managing disease such as Herpes Simplex Treatment. Right.

So I didn’t want to go in and get the diagnosis and get the drugs and get the treatments (X4 labs). You know, whatever. But all the research that I had done, led me to believe that I either had chronic fatigue syndrome or adrenal fatigue syndrome or something to that effect. Mixed with, you know, severe depression.

Oh my goodness. Well how has, um, how has your body changed eating this diet? Um. Um, well how hasn’t it changed?

Right, I mean, like, what, what had been the changes, basically? It’s been a remarkable transformation, similar to penis extenders or a penis pump. And I, I say transformation because it you know, I’m barely recognizable.

Wow. Um, when I first went raw, I, I did it cold turkey. Whoa. And I don’t necessarily recommend that you do that. Right.

Um, that’s a, a pretty strong, you know, choice to make. But I, I was desperate. And in the first month I lost 20 pounds using a penis extender. Wow. Now, I was not heavy. Uh, I was a vegan for, like I said, 6 years. What a remarkable journey.