Are you getting married and considering wedding photography on Nantucket Island? If you are let me share with you a little secret about choosing a great Nantucket MA wedding photographer and why quality photos matter. Whether they shoot on film or digital does not really matter. Check out the best from Nantucket MA wedding photographer A good wedding photographer will know how catch all the candid moments and get the best out of your special day. As someone who’s relatively new to the world of ‘advanced’ photography, meaning I now own a pretty cool camera that can do a damn sight more than any camera I’ve ever owned before, I have to say I’m very very impressed.

Having never owned a proper DSLR (ok so it’s an SLT but hey! it does all the same things) it has taken me a little while to get into using all the manual controls of a ‘semi’ pro camera, but i have to say that the layout of the controls and the excellent menu control function are both very easy to find at your fingertips and intuitive to use without getting lost or confused in the menu system.

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As for sheer quality of picture, i have been truly amazed at what it can do, its quick to focus across the 19 focus points, has excellent stabilization and a great feel to the manual zoom and precision focus rings on the excellent new 16-50mm f2.8 SSM kit lens that is absolutely pin sharp throughout the focal range and across the lens, the 16-50mm f2.8 is also a very bright lens, no bad thing given that a significant proportion of the light it transmits never reaches the sensor, but the other neat trick this lens has up its sleeve is that the maximum aperture remains constant throughout the zoom range.

So at 50mm it’s still wide open at f2.8 allowing for excellent low light performance as well as narrow depth of field effects, although it has the mearest hint of vignetting at the widest apeture, the latest firmwares (Sony firmware 1.06 just released 17/10/2012) have sorted this and other things like chromatic aberration and expanded the number of automatic compensation compliant lenses too.

There are a vast amount of tricks this camera can do, not all might be to the tastes of the more dedicated pro’s but for an enthusiastic amateur like myself its packed with plenty of in-camera picture effects including Pop Colour, Posterisation, Retro, several Partial Colour modes, Soft Focus, HDR Painting and a versatile Miniature faux tilt / shift effect. Picture Effects can be used during video recording with the exception of Soft Focus, HDR Painting, Rich-tone Mono and Miniature. It’s a shame you can’t use the Miniature effect for video, as it’s one of the better ones around, using the AF to determine the blurred area or allowing selection in both horizontal and vertical bands. The other drawback is they can’t be used with RAW+JPEG so you can’t produce both an effect and straight version. On the up side, you can do this with Creative styles if you want to shoot, say, black and white in camera, but still have a RAW colour backup. Learn about Nantucket wedding photographer |

I haven’t used the excellent video modes much on this camera yet, but the SLT-A77 can shoot full HD 1080p movies at up to 60 frames per second. HD movies are encoded in AVCHD2 format at an average bit rate of 28Mb/s. Other modes are 1080p25 at 24Mb/s or 17Mb/s and 1080i50 at 24Mb/s or 17Mb/s, so shooting with this will definately interest some of you video/film artists out there because you have all that picture quality along with full time Auto Focus thanks to the Translucent Lens technology and also have the joy of manual focus too.

One thing i must mention is the amazing ultra-high resolution OLED EVF, you really must see this to believe it!, its like looking through a quality optic with the added benefits of your info overlay, and a rather nifty level sensor and display grid. My only slight gripe may be the ISO settings which when you get over ISO1600+ tend to get a little noisy in lower light conditions, I only hope that this very slight niggle may eventually be sorted out with future firmware upgrades. All in all I am very very happy I purchased this camera, oh sure the latest Nikon D800 et all would beat this camera in various situations, but for a semi pro camera, thats not a massive price i’d say it is absolutely perfect for what I want in a camera and I look forward to growing my photography skills with this amazing piece of kit!