One-stop push-processing to double the film speeds of KODAK EKTACHROME P80011600, EKTACHROME 400, EKTA CHROME 200, and EKTACHROME 160 Films, and EKTACHROME 100 Film when necessary, is available from Kodak Processing Labs and other laboratories. Purchase a KODAK Special Processing Envelope, ESP-I , from your photo dealer for each roll you want to have push-processed by Kodak. 
KODAK Special Processing Kodak Processing Labs provide push processing of KODAK EKTACHROME P800/1600, EKTACHROME 400, EKTACHROME 200 (Daylight), and EKTACHROME 160 (Tungsten) Films and when necessary, EKTACHROME 100 Film (Daylight) to double their standard film speed ratings according to

The service is offered for films in 35 mm and 120-size rolls. To obtain I stop push processing by Kodak, purchase a KODAK Special Processing Envelope, ESP-1. (This process is also referred to as “Push I”.) You can then give the envelope containing the film to your photo dealer for Kodak processing, or send it directly to a U.S. Kodak Processing Lab in an appropriate prepaid Kodak mailer. The price of the KODAK Special Processing Envelope, ESP-1, is in addition to the standard processing charge.

You can have KODAK EKTACHROME P800/1600 Professional Film (Daylight) push processed by Kodak when you use the KODAK ESP-1 Envelope, described 
The film magazine for KODAK EKTACHROME P80011600 Professional Film ( Daylight) has a writeable surface so that you can indicate the speed for which the film should be processed. Circle the speed you used to expose the film. 
above, for processing the film to El 800, Push 1: Circle “800 Pl” on the film magazine. When you want P800/1600 film processed to a film speed of El 1600, Push 2, request it from your photo dealer but do not use the ESP-1 Envelope for processing to the 1600 speed: Circle “1600 P2” on the film magazine. If you want the film processed to El 400, circle “400, E-6” on the film magazine and have the film processed normally without push processing. Do not use the ESP-I Envelope. Push 3 processing for P800 1600 film to El 3200 is not avail-able from Kodak. Kodak Processing Labs offer Push 2 processing for KODAK EKTACHROME P800 1600 Professional Film which is specifically designed for extended push-processing techniques. Other photofinishers and other color processing laboratories also offer push processing for KODAK EKTACHROME Films.

Ask your photo dealer about their service. 
KODAK BLACK-AND-WHITE FILMS FOR EXISTING LIGHT Although human eyes perceive a world of color, some of the most compelling photographs ever made have been made in black-and-white. For the existing-light photographer, high-speed black-and-white films, such as KODAK TRi-X Pan Film, facilitate working in low light of uncertain color quality.

Most of the Kodak black-and-white films suitable for existing-light photography with a hand-held camera are inherently fast films. The broad exposure latitude of many popular black-and-white films allows capturing contrasty and/or unevenly lighted scenes that virtually defy optimum rendition on narrow-latitude color-slide materials. 
KODAK TR1-X Pan Film, at ISO (ASA) 400, offers the existing-light photographer high film speed, excellent image quality, and complete freedom from concerns about color balance. Some of the most dramatic and expressive existing-light photographs have been made in black-and-white. 
Black-and-white films generally have more latitude for overexposes than for underexposure.

Excessive overexposure will lead to loss of definition and in-creased graininess. For all practical purposes, you can ignore concerns about the color quality of ambient light. And if you need an even higher film speed number than the film provides with normal processing, you can easily push-process most high-speed black-and-white films so you can expose at twice the normal ISO (ASA) speed with minimum loss of quality simply by extending development time. From an aesthetic standpoint, working in black-and-white offers unparalleled opportunity to control the image through coordinated adjustments in exposure, processing, and printing. KODAK Tri-X Pan Film For all-around existing-light photography, KODAK Trig-X Pan Film, ISO (ASA) 400, offers the combination of high speed, fine graininess, and very high sharpness, plus great exposure latitude, and a “look” that makes it the primary black-and-white film of many photographers, regardless of light level. For many years, because of its excellent quality and versatility, it has been the film of choice for photojournalists and sports photographers who must capture moving subjects in light ranging from desert glare to coal-bin murk.